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5 Ways Musicians Can Showcase Their Music with SEO

So you’ve taken the plunge to go digital. You’ve made an effort so that your music reaches more people now than ever before by setting up your music on the internet. While you’ve tasted success offline by creating quality singles and also enjoyed good airtime, the early returns from your website aren’t too encouraging.

In such a case, you need to work on your online presence and ensure that your music is reaching your fans. You need to make organic search work for you and your blog by employing simple SEO techniques. As a musician, you will then be able to reach out to your fans better and showcase your music to the desired wider audience. SEO or search engine optimization means making tweaks to your webpage so that you get more organic traffic to your site and you do well on the search engine results page.

Here, we will look at five ways you can use SEO to make your music blog a success:  

1.   Keywords and Meta Tags

Keyword research is one of the primary tasks you have to invest in while making SEO work to your advantage. You start by listing out your top keywords and phrases that people will use to find your online blog. With a bit of a research, you can come up with words that match your music genre, location, content, brand and band name.

Meta tags are ways to insert keywords on your pages. They form an important part of metadata that helps users find your website on the internet. Meta descriptions, which can range from 50-300 characters in length and give a brief summary of what your blog is about and is important in letting the search engine know the contents of your portal. Title tags are those titles that show up on search engines upon search. They are to be 50-70 characters long for SEO purposes. Headers are other types of titles that show up as article or content headings.

2.   Optimizing your site

Optimizing your site is all about providing the fans with a quality user experience. Plus, user experience has now become a major factor in Google’s new parameters of ranking of a website. To enhance this, you must check whether your site’s design is up to the mark, if it’s showing up properly on all kinds of devices and the speed is up to the mark for a smooth experience.

One of the things that you need to do for the success of your website and for its optimization is to reassess your web host provider. Figure out how much speed, customer care assistance and security support you require from your web host providers. To help you in this, platforms like Housing Foundry are quite capable and they reviewed the best hosts for Singapore.

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3.   Keep content updated

It is best to keep your website fresh and updated with the latest content. Display your most recent hits and albums. Ensure that all the internal pages are up to date with all the necessary links and keywords. This will prompt Google to crawl more to your website. As a musician you get to create unique content which caters to your kind of music. If you create content regarding the latest happenings in your music genre, concerts, album launches, it will help you keep your fans and website visitors engaged for long. Maintain a content calendar, track the developments and update on your site, that’s a steady cycle to start off with while managing your site.

4.   Back-linking

If your website is trustworthy, then it stands a good chance that Google will pick content from it for its related searches. However if your site is littered with marketing and branding links then it might work well for you SEO wise. One way to augment this to count the websites that link back to your site. The more external websites link your content on their portal, the better. The way you network with other music professionals and artists offline, the same way you can connect with them online and keep your backlink profile active on their blog and use links of other musicians that you’ve worked on your blog.

To take this to the next level, get active on social media and use YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to showcase your talent and have a section where you share the links of your social content to your webpage.

5.   Using analytics

One of the biggest advantages of using SEO is that it is easily measurable. Use Google analytics to learn from where your readers are joining, what kind of devices they are using to access your site, and at what time of the day they spend the most time on your blog. This will help you understand their mindset and accordingly enable you to put up relatable content. Also, you’ll be able to assess where Google ranks your website and figure out what’s still missing from your pages.

Overall, SEO helps you build a strong profile online to market and promote your originals online. It can help you build your fan base, get performance opportunities, and generate more revenue from your music.

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