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6 Ways To Show Love And Support For Independent Bands

The internet has given more exposure to famous personalities than ever before. It paved the way for influencers, content creators, and independent musicians to gain global recognition. It also gives you more opportunities to peek into their lives and support them as they pursue their dreams. 

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The music industry is one of the best examples of how effective the internet is when it comes to reaching an audience. On the other hand, a new generation of artists emerges every day, each with unique skills and perspectives to share with the world. 

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Showing Support For New Bands

Sadly, compared to more prominent names in the industry, independent or indie artists still struggle with staying afloat—more so if they’re new. Meanwhile, famous artists have already set a foundation and made the world their stage. 

Independent new bands, on the other hand, still struggle to break into the market. Therefore, fans are encouraged to show their love and support for their favorite artists. Here are some ways you can show them your support: 

Engage With Their Posts

Staying relevant online is always an uphill battle. Since many sites are programmed with algorithms that demand creators to keep producing content, independent new bands, especially solo artists, could sooner burn out before they amass a large following. Thus, as their fans, it would help to interact with their content as much as possible.

The more shares their post has, the wider it spreads across the internet. Some social media websites use the ‘likes’ system to get the artist out there. All you have to do is like their post, and your followers can also see their content. 

However, what truly draws potential fans is the comment section. Write down your thoughts about every single update the band makes. People who see your authentic opinion about the artists will likely search for and listen to their songs.

Moreover, engaging with your favorite independent band’s social media posts and seeing how many numbers they’re gathering can pique potential fans’ interest. After all, if their post garners a thousand likes or shares, thousands of people are interested in getting to know them more. 

In addition, staying up-to-date and putting your thoughts on their most recent content can help them improve even more as artists. Independent new bands would consider them as feedback on the quality of their performance. Thus, the more fans interact with their content, the better they can build their presence from scratch. 

Watch Their Streams

Because of the challenges involved in getting a record deal, new independent artists frequent online spaces even more. Without crowds of fans gathering in their live concerts, live-streaming their performances is a band’s next best alternative. 

Streaming sites make it easier for them to monetize their content. Because of this, it almost feels like going to a live concert, except you enjoy their performance through a screen while they still get paid.  

Buy Merch

Suppose you’ve been faithful in watching their livestream content or listening to their albums regularly. However, neither platform guarantees that the band can live off them alone. Since they’re sharing their income with the platform, it’s almost impossible to get any livable income from them. So, why not look into buying merchandise from them?

Ensure that the merch comes from the band’s official website or certified vendors. Purchasing merch and using it makes an excellent advertisement for those who don’t know them. As long as you use them frequently, buying merch brings exposure for the band while they get paid.

Share Their Content

As helpful as it is to share their content online, you must understand that not everyone spends most of their time on social media. Therefore, all the social media content you’ve been sharing from the band is left unseen. Instead of sticking with their social media alone, don’t be afraid to recommend their songs to your peers the old-fashioned way.

Tell them about how amazing their songs are as soon as you get the chance. Play some songs that you think they might like. Despite thousands of songs being released day after day, once they see just how invested you are in your favorite band, they’re bound to wonder what makes this one so special and check it out more. 


Being a new independent band promises a rough path ahead of them. They’re bound to have more losses than gains on their road to fame. But knowing they have their fans’ support makes the struggle much easier to swallow. If you have the cash to spare, sneak some of it by giving them tips when buying their merch. 

You can also subscribe to their crowdfunding campaigns to support their music. Reach out to other fans and build a community dedicated to helping them in any way possible. This can encourage your favorite indie band to continue and produce more meaningful songs. 

Make Connections

Getting a music career is a grueling process for artists who don’t have any connections in the first place. Without connections, they’d have a tough time promoting their music and keeping their career afloat. Since you’ve seen their potential, reach out to anyone you know who has connections to the music industry. 

Whether they’re promoters or a fellow artist, your recommendation could be a significant move for the artist. Who knows? Your help might be just what they need to have their big break.


Building a music career from the ground up is no easy feat. Independent new bands not only write and produce meaningful songs, but they also have to keep their careers afloat. Therefore, if you like their music and have the time and resources to spare, do everything you can to support them. After all, it would be a shame for good music to go to waste due to circumstances.

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