Alex Andra’s “Infliction” Is Our Latest Addiction

The latest single from Alex Andra, “Infliction” is an explosive pop punk track that integrates classic punk sounds with loaded synth elements. It has intense melodies, emotional vocals, and lyrics that speak to the toxic social media loops so many of us find ourselves in. It’s fast paced and infectious, sure to stay in your head and make it on to your latest playlist.

Injecting her own experiences into this song, Alex Andra intimately knows the struggle of looking at unattainable images on social media while trying to remain true to herself. As a kid, she admits to admiring the stars she saw in media. Today, she sees how social platforms are both a weapon and a blessing. As an artist who uses social media for her career, she is constantly balancing unrealistic expectations while trying to share a compelling, authentic image of herself.

In the “Infliction” music video, the scenes are highly colorized and macabre. It feels just as moody as it does unrestrained and eccentric. Some scenes feel as if they are shuddering like a camera lens, and others involve symbolic gestures like covering the words “true self” in paint. The video also features splattering neon paint and stunning shots of Alex Andra destroying room after room. It’s a taste of the creativity and sincerity that Alex Andra delivers in her latest single.

Alex Andra isn’t new to the music world. She is better known as Paige Savill, the frontwoman for Australian synth pop group I Call Val. Alex Andra is her latest solo project. She released her first single, “Not The Beginning,” just this year. It’s free spirited track about learning and growing through mistakes.

If “Infliction” and “Not The Beginning” are anything to go by, Alex Andra is a pop punk artist who is unafraid of being honest and colorful. She creates hard cutting music that dips into her personal experiences, creating the authenticity that can make punk so relatable. Listeners searching for something fresh and edgy will find what they’re looking for with Alex Andra.

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