Alexia Chambi Welcomes You to ‘Bolivia’

The great thing about live music, especially open mic nights, is coming across new up and coming talent. The music by Alexia Chambi was one of these discoveries. This London based Danish-Cypriot singer/songwriter is quickly developing a reputation for music that fuses soul, jazz and R&B with an acoustic sound. She has been creating music from an early age beginning with the piano but soon moved onto the guitar. Now she is rarely seen on stage without her six-string friend.


2016 saw Chambi release a collaboration EP Hanging on a Scar, with Ralph Taylor. The title track highlights her talents. Her soulful tone flows so gently but manages to grab your attention at the same time. It gives you a taste of what is to come.


Chambi is now ready to release her debut solo EP Bolivia, influenced by her travels and experiences. It opens up with “Into You” which instantly shows off her vocal abilities. Its smooth flow feels so effortless. It is used to perfection to deliver a hook that gets you singing along before the song ends.


Next up is the title track with its chilled acoustic vibe. Chambi says “This Spanish song is inspired by meeting someone in a hostel bathroom. Brushing teeth while talking, living a really cool moment. Then looking back on it being like, ‘So when will we have another moment?’ but eventually accepting that sometimes it’s ok just to share one moment together.”


It is summed up on the line “No hablo tu idioma / Y cuando nos conocimos / Fue algo mas / Que palabras / Lo que hablamos”. This translates to “I don’t speak your language / And when we met / It was something more than words that we spoke.”

When you listen to Alexia Chambi’s beautiful vocals, you will be hooked


“Free” follows the same traits as the songs before with the vocals stealing the spotlight. Sharing a tale about when life used to be simple. Its hook says it all, “But / I remember how I used to be free / I remember how I used to be the breeze / I was going everywhere / I would never have a care / For the plans of tomorrow / ‘Cause I was free.”


The EP ends on a high with the stunning track “Juice You.” It showcases everything that makes the music of Alexia Chambi stand out. Her soulful tone supported by a subtle acoustic R&B groove is soothing on the ears. The emotion in her voice adds so much to the lyrics. Especially during the lines “And you might think that I’ve moved on / ‘Cause I’ve been gone for so long / And it makes me wonder / If this is really love?” It also features a captivating electric guitar solo.


There is no doubt that Bolivia EP shows off the talents that Alexia Chambi possesses, especially with her beautiful vocals. But it feels that this has opened the door to what she has to offer with much more to come from this singer-songwriter.  

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