AMARU Speaks Positivity With “Tell Me”

Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s a really tough time to exist. Amidst a global pandemic, civil unrest, and a never-ending cycle of heartbreaking news stories, it’s been hard to maintain hope and positivity. International star, AMARU, took note of the pain and desperation that humans around the world are feeling. With that AMARU decided to release a song titled “Tell Me,” that he wrote in the 80’s and was too fitting for the current state of our world.

“Tell Me” is an upbeat and unique track, showing as much international variety as within AMARU himself. The track highlights Indian instruments such as the sitar and tabla and African percussion, all rolled into an addictive pop number. There’s no denying the charm AMARU has created here, you’ll be dancing along to “Tell Me” within the first minute of the song.

“Tell Me” music video asks how YOU can make the world better.

But don’t let the cheerful aura of the song fool you into thinking there is not any substance in the song’s meaning. “Tell Me” makes a statement and encourages you to think. Tackling injustice, war, pollution, homelessness, chaos and related global issues, “Tell Me” calls people to action. The song and video alike leave you wondering what it is you can do to help make the world a better place for ALL to live in?

“Tell me, why can’t we live together? From now until forever. We gotta think about the mess we’re making.”

AMARU has created an incredibly entertaining dance song with a compelling and captivating story behind it. “Tell Me” is inspiring, fun, and everything the world needs in this extremely trying time.

Keep an eye on more to come from the multi-talented AMARU

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