America’s Sweethearts Bask In “Sugar Sugar Summertime”

“Sugar Sugar Summertime” is the infectious pop rock single from New Jersey duo, America’s Sweethearts. Made up of kindred spirits, Valerie German and Anastasia Kinsella, listeners will find it too easy to fall for their charming harmonies. Complete with a music video capturing the appeal of Jersey City, “Sugar Sugar Summertime” douses the listener with epic guitar riffs, gripping bass tones and retro lyrical hooks. Even if the song didn’t have a music video, this song would elicit a perfect picture of shore life during the summer months. Get ready to escape. 

A vintage guitar riff, much like a surf sound or Hawaiian pipeline roll, reels in the listener. This sound really stood out to me – it’s like that instant connection to the ocean. Maybe it’s just so ingrained in our minds because of pop culture, but America’s Sweethearts rev up that sound like they are getting their summer plans all lined up. They sweep you away to a different time, a different destination. The undercurrent of the electric guitar takes hold, only to open up into a rhythm section that is bouncier, almost funkier. The flow is crisp, the transitions. 

Watch the video for “Sugar Sugar Summertime” below

Swirled into the mix are German and Kinsella’s voices. Their harmonies find each other and have a magnetic reaction. Their vocals pad the song, giving it that extra oomph. I think this song is about summer at the beach, specifically in Jersey City, New Jersey, but it’s also about friendship. It’s about living your life and really enjoying the special times you have as a kid or teenager. It’s great to revisit those times, and naturally, some people will find those times in their life some of their best. This song also has a strong sense of community.

Maybe that’s exhibited more so in the music video, but “Sugar Sugar Summertime ” calls to mind the time when everyone looked out for each other, when in simpler times the only worry was making sure you and your friend were experiencing it all together. As endearing as it sounds, German and Kinsella make it sound so much cooler than corny. They come across as the hip chicks that are effortlessly cool in all that they do. 

“Sugar Sugar Summertime” is the summer anthem we’ve been waiting for. I only wish it came out sooner – but alas, we will still have this to remind ourselves that life is laid-back and the waves are calling us come the winter months. This song isn’t meant to be heard behind the measly speakers on your iPhone. Rather, like in the music video, this is a song for the radio, the portable stereo blaring those oh-so-cool guitar shapes into the atmosphere. I’d love to hear this song live and indulge into its natural energy. I can just picture it – America’s Sweethearts performing this track in the outdoor bandshell. “Sugar Sugar Summertime” has that righteous surge that just feels so right. Take this one for a spin, give it a go – “Sugar Sugar Summertime” is a mega hit. 

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