Aura Davis Shows You “What You Love”

Aura Davis is back with a vengeance. After over a decade away from music to focus on herself, she’s back and she’s ready to make a name for herself. With guitar in hand, she’s been hard at work channeling her talents into new releases for fans. One of her latest singles, “What You Love” provides a bold and refreshing spin on her typical songwriting process.

“‘What You Love’ is the first song I ever wrote in perspective of a fictional character. Over the years – especially growing up, people painted this picture of me being this never-settling, not caring, man eating, selfish mad woman you should stay away from. 

I wrote the original idea almost 4 years ago and it was one of the songs that kind of ‘just happened’. I remember sitting on my couch, after having heard new gossip about me just thinking…’dirty little bastard, that’s not what you said last night!

And that was basically it. I grabbed my guitar and just started to mumble part of the chorus like ‘…I’m a mad, mad woman but that is what you love about me…‘” – Aura Davis

Watch the video for “What You Love” below

So with some personality and imagination, “What You Love” was born. Moody and powerful, this track will immediately draw you in and enchant you. Aura’s vocals are broody, further setting the tone for a song with some punch behind it.

Aura Davis is no stranger to showcasing deep emotions. Her latest single “Haunt Me” is another highly emotional song showcasing her range as a pop/rock artist. Each single shows more and more of Aura’s talents and it leaves me to believe that the best is yet to come for her. Don’t miss out on her journey!

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