Little Wretches Are A Bunch of “Undesirables and Anarchists”

The Little Wretches, co-founded by two brothers Robert Andrew and Charles John Wagner, is a folk/punk band with its new album called “Undesirables and Anarchists.” The album consists of 12 hit songs that can enlighten the mood for any folk/punk music lover. Songs like “Silence”, “Who is America”, and “Running” have rich harmonics, and the message is straight-on. For the first time, listening to this album has been breathtaking for me as a music lover because the band was able to articulate life facts together with current situations in the world today and come out with a vibrant welcome piece. “Why not write a review about this album?” I told myself.

Since Robert and Charles founded Little Wretches, Robert always wrote original songs and adapted traditional folk songs. He tried to sing and accompanied himself on guitar while Charles worked out counterpoint melodies on violin. Chuckie (Charles) and Bob (Robert) were joined by former members of No Shelter, Ed Heidel on bass guitar and John Creighton on flute, percussion, and background vocals. Religious missionary Chris Bruckhoff was attracted to the group because many of the songs seemed to have spiritual content.

He believed he could recruit the members of The Little Wretches into his church by infiltrating the band. Like John Creighton, Chris sang background vocals and played various percussion and wind instruments. Bob Goetz played electric guitar and did some singing. Deena Alansky took pictures, tried to book gigs, and pasted posters all over town. The original line-up of The Little Wretches debuted at The New Group Theater (founded by Martin Giles in the spirit of the legendary progressive theater company, The Group Theater) along with the godfathers of the Pittsburgh hard-core scene, The Five. The earliest version of The Little Wretches came to an end with the sudden death of John Creighton. John never considered himself an actual member of The Little Wretches. Still, he was so much a part of the group’s sound and persona that his loss was devastating.

The Little Wretches Bring Us ‘Undesirables and Anarchists

For the first time on 14th June 2020 on Apple Music, the album surfaced, with most of the songs written by lead singer Robert Andrew Wagner. Robert has always boasted in his writing and has said that “My songs are mirrors.” He also adds to it by often beginning or ending his performances with a version of The Velvet Underground’s “I’ll be your Mirror.” The performance usually extends to more than ten minutes of images that shaped him as a young man.The songs of the album reflect so much on the current situation in America and the world at large. “Poison,” the second track on the album, talks about how we mean to always be woke in our everyday lives and to consider everything we do.

Whereas “Who is America” will teach you about everything that transpires in 21st century America through the eyes of funk artists. The album is a must-listen, and you should watch out for other songs like; Silence, twist the knife, I instead would go, Don’t you ever mention my name, All of my friends, and The Ballad of Jonny Blowtorch. To grab yourself a copy of this album from digital platforms, click on the links below:


-review by Michael Stover

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How to Promote Your Independent Music in 2021

Music promotion has never been easier for independent artists. There’s a lot you can do to promote your music without selling your soul to a record label. Marketing is essential if you want to get your name out there and start making money from your music. So how can you start growing your fanbase? That’s exactly what we will cover in today’s post.

Music promotion on social media

Music promotion is much more than just sharing your songs on social media. Truth be told, you can’t create an engaging profile with just your releases themselves. Promotion on social media is all about building a story around your sound and engaging with your audience. People want to know the real you aside from your music.


Youtube is completely free and with 2+ billion users it has become an important tool in the music industry. To start promoting you need to create a professional-looking Artist channel. From there you can upload anything from Music Videos, Live streams, Behind-the-scenes footage, and Q&As with your audience. The key is to have a mix of content that you can organize with different playlists.

You can also network with relevant Music channels by leaving comments on their tracks or videos. If they’re posting similar music and people are subscribing, you could get your music in front of thousands of potential fans.


The biggest feature of Soundcloud is its unique perspective when it comes to comments. Using the waveform, you can let fans comment on various parts of tracks. This is a great way to engage with your audience and get valuable insights into what they like. Invite your fans to participate and giving you feedback! 

Using tags helps your tracks get in front of your target audience who digs your kind of music. You can also add a ‘buy’-link to your songs and direct your fans to where they can purchase your music. Or why not give them your best song for free? They are more likely to buy from you if they like you as an artist. 


Unlike SoundCloud and Youtube, Facebook isn’t known for being a music platform. Think of it as a cross between your Youtube channel and personal website, and use it to advertise! If you post your music on SoundCloud and Youtube, post your tour dates on Facebook! Other great things to share on Facebook are promos, upcoming album releases, band news, contests, and giveaways. Facebook should act as a central hub and a one-stop shop for everything connected to your music.

Playlists on streaming platforms

The ability to access millions of songs at the tap of a touchscreen has made streaming services the new way of listening to music. Getting your music into popular playlists gives you the potential of getting your music in front of millions of fans.


Spotify isn’t ideal for audience engagement (leave that to social media). However, their playlists are super-powerful when it comes to music promotion. Pitching your song to a playlist and get featured could give you thousands if not millions of listeners every month.

All you have to do is sign up for a ‘Spotify for Artists’ account and reach out to editors. You’ll find hundreds of playlists for different genres that are relevant to yours. There are 3 types of playlists available on Spotify:

  1. Editors playlists
  2. Algorithmic playlists
  3. Audience-generated playlists

To increase reach even further you should also create your own playlists with other artists. It helps a lot with engagement and encourages fans to think of you alongside other artists. The key to success is to get your music into as many playlists as possible to rack up listens. 

Apple Music

Promotion on Apple Music is very similar to Spotify and is derived mostly from playlists. The first thing to do is to sign up, claim your artist account, and get verified. Uploading your music is a lot trickier than Spotify. If you are a new artist you’ll need to work with music distribution services trusted by Apple, called ‘aggregators’. They will upload your music for a commission or percentage of royalties.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you can upload your own music to the platform. The threshold is pretty high since you’ll need to have at least 20 released albums, an International Standard Recording Code, and a Universal Product Code. 


Deezer is a streaming service similar to Spotify and Apple Music. Without a label backing you, you’ll need help from a digital distributor to get your music uploaded. When having your masterpiece uploaded to Deezer, you can promote it across the platform by adding it to an existing playlist or by creating your own. You can also pay for a campaign and automatically get it on popular playlists that your potential audience love.


Every music fan has their service of choice, and if you’re not visible on all platforms, then you are potentially missing out on millions of fans! Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, Deezer, and Soundcloud all have powerful features that you’ll need. Instead of choosing one platform, think of how they can work together and develop a strategy. Never forget to link everything cross-platform. When you’re uploading content, set a schedule and be consistent. An active channel is much more engaging and will attract more visitors.

Now it’s up to you. Get out there and start sharing your music! If you need help with any specifics, feel free to reach out to us at IndieBandGuru.

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5 Great Indie Rock Songs with Strings and Piano

Even though most would recognize indie rock music as being synonymous with guitar, there are some really great songs out there with strings and piano too. We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest and best indie artists out there and compiled a list of the five greatest indie songs that include plenty of strings and piano. Each one of these pieces incorporates one or both of strings and piano elements into it. Read on to find five great ones that we recommend. 

Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve 

The Verve fit themselves into many different categories over their many years of playing together. Some would consider them rock, while others think of them as grime. Our take on them is that they are an indie rock band based out of England. This song was the lead track on their Urban Hymns studio album which was released in 1997. 

What’s interesting about this song is the opening strings section which is iconic to the track. This piece was actually sampled from a Rolling Stones song, ‘The Last Time’. Because of the use of the strings without permission of all of the parties involved in making the song, there was a bitter dispute which The Verve had to fight to keep their monetary rights to Bittersweet Symphony. It all turned out well and the band now have full ownership and credit for their hit number. 

Bittersweet Symphony was the bands defining track and music video. The strings at the beginning lead you gently into the track and it’s made of a six part sample. It then goes on to add more and more layers of strings and other instruments which brings the whole song together. It truly is a great indie masterpiece that will go down in history. 

Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi 

Let’s come back to today and look at indie legend Lewis Capaldi who is making a huge name for himself all over the world. Many people will recognize Capaldi’s songs for their piano as it’s very much a signature of his indie vibe. The hit song which took the singer songwriter six months to write was penned at his piano. This is what makes it a great indie song for lots of piano playing potential. 

The beauty of ‘Someone You Loved’ is its simplicity. There’s a lot of music out there today that has been overproduced. Which is why there’s something to be said for a song that just heavily features vocals and piano. We’re glad that the star didn’t choose to ditch this song off his album (which was something he was considering) and that we’re left with such a great indie hit. 

Viva La Vida – Coldplay 

Just the first two chords on the strings that open up ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay make the song instantly recognizable. As one of the biggest indie bands out there today, Coldplay nailed the string section with their song and album with the same name. This song was exclusively released on iTunes initially but the song got so much hype and popularity they decided to pen an album after it. 

It’s a little known fact that the song is actually an interpretation of King Louis’s lost last speech before he passed away. It was meant to be written from the perspective of King Louis as he apologizes to his nation and accepts his fate in death. 

Anyone who is a strings player and a fan of indie music will definitely want to bring up the chords for this one. The progression is striking and really grabs your attention, which is why this song is so great. You dive deeper into piano and strings at free sites such as Chordpresso if this is hitting the right chord with you.. 

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis  

Oasis, of course, had to appear on this list as the biggest indie rock band of all time from England. The band where known for their inclusion of piano in almost all of their songs as well as their strong chord progressions. The Beatles were a huge influence for this band and their influence is strongly felt in this song. The piano intro was actually taken from Imagine by John Lennon and was built on for use throughout the piece.

The song is very heavy in the key of C but then has a slightly sharp pitch to it thanks to the standard concert tuning involved. Guitar players will often go to Wonderwall as their first indie hit, and for piano players, Don’t Look Back In Anger is definitely the song to choose. The chords are relatively easy, and you can hear Lennon’s influences throughout the piece. You may also be interested in listening to more of Oasis’s back catalogue because piano is something there is lots of in their indie offerings. 

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane 

Another band that goes hand in hand with the indie moment and lots of piano is Keane. In their hit song ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ the piano is featured heavily throughout the piece. The song was even covered by Lily Allen who used just strings instead of piano, so the music is easily translated onto both instruments. 

The song itself describes a secret place where a couple in love can feel truly happily and openly express their feelings when they feel like they’re drifting away from each other. It’s an idea that a lot of people can relate too, and the song writer said he took his influence from Heroes by David Bowie. The bridge of the song is great and it’s a brilliant tune to master on the piano. 

It’s rare for a band to release their first song to such rave reviews, but this one was the gem in the crown for the artists. It massively boosted their album sales and made their music popular in both the UK and overseas. Nowadays, the piece is still used in many tv shows and films which shows how timeless it truly is. 


So, there you have it – the top five indie rock songs with more piano and strings than you could shake a stick at. Do you have any more songs that feature these heavily? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to share this article with others that wish to explore piano and strings in indie rock music. Happy listening!

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Tips For Guitarists Going Into The Studio

You might have spent dozens of hours at home making demos but going into the studio is a whole other ballgame. 

Home recordings are forgiving, and demos are a little rough around the edges by design. Going into a real studio with a real engineer and producer is a gigantic step up, and you’ll be expected to perform at a much higher level. After all, this is going to be the final form for many of your songs – why not make them sound as good as possible, right?

Lucky for you, you’re not the first guitarist to go into the studio. You have decades of other people’s mistakes to learn from to give yourself the best chance to be the best thing on your band’s recording.

Here are our four biggest tips for making sure you’re the standout and not the sticking point when your band hits record.

Know what you want to sound like ahead of time

This is a mistake a lot of beginner bands make. You have the amp that your favorite guitarist plays, you have your pedal collection you’ve cobbled together, you go into the practice room and turn everything to 10 and figure the wall of noise sounds great!

Then you get into the studio and realize that when you listen to your tone under a microscope, it’s really not what you were going for. This is especially true for the guys with the big pedal boards, where things sound good with a huge wash of reverb, but once you dial it back to give everything space on a recording, you’re not hearing what you want.

Spend some time alone at home playing your parts at bedroom volume, and really focus on making sure the guitar tone (at bedroom volume) is what you would want on a record. Make sure the amp is going to give you the amp tone you want, make sure your pedals are what you need and in the right order (sites like have loads of info on pedal order and the like), make sure you’re selecting the right pickup for each part.

In short, go in there knowing exactly what your gear sounds like, take the time to dial it in on the day, and then focus on the performance.

Be open minded

The number one thing you need to do going into the studio is to be ready and open to change. Your band will have written the best song you can as a unit, and often going into the studio with a producer means getting an extra set of ears from someone whose job it is to make the song the best it can be. Sometimes that can mean minor changes, sometimes it can mean overhauling the song completely.

If you go into the studio with the opinion that your parts are set in stone, or that the song is finished, you’re going to become a barrier to the producer doing their job. Take every suggestion, roll with it, give it your best shot, and be ready to be pleasantly surprised as your song reaches its full potential.

Know Your Parts Inside Out

While it’s important to be open to change, it’s also important to be ready to give the best possible performance when the red light is on. Practicing with your band every night isn’t enough, you need to sit alone and practice your own parts until you can play them without even paying attention.

The real danger here is if you’re not confident in your parts, if they aren’t fluent under your fingers, you’ll get into the studio and get “red light fever”, where you psych yourself out and can’t play your parts to save your life. It’s a nerve-wracking experience, but it happens to everyone from time to time.

The best way to avoid this – know your parts so well that you don’t even have to think about them. That way, when the time comes, you can concentrate on the performance instead of trying to make sure you just get your parts right.

Get your gear in studio condition

The best thing you can do to make a session move along smoothly is to make sure all of your gear is ready for the scrutiny of the studio. What might sound “gloriously loose” live or in a practice room just sounds out of tune when you’re recording in the studio.

Make sure none of your pedals buzz, make sure your amp isn’t picking up the radio, make sure your guitar is set up by a professional and has no intonation issues or dead spots. 

Make sure you show up sounding good and ready to be the best thing on the record.

Conclusion – Have fun!

The key goal here is to eliminate as many distractions as possible so the studio can be a fun and creative time for your band. If all your gear is good, and you know your parts and sounds, all you have to do on the day is show up, be open minded, and focus on giving the best performance you possibly can. It’s your music, make it something to be proud of.


Deadmau5 Enters the World of Online Slots

Deadmau5, one of Canada’s biggest DJ’s has collaborated with Microgaming, a software development company that has developed the slot title based on him. This is a huge deal for both the DJ and the casino industry, as more and more artists are being recognized, allowing for a whole new dimension in themed slot games. The Euro Palace casino app can also add personalized and themed titles in the future as well.

How the Canadian DJ Deadmau5 Was Honored With a Branded Slot

Due to his high level of popularity, Microgaming has teamed up with Deadmau5 in order to make a game themed in his style, which has one of the best soundtracks out of any slot game before it, given the person it is based on. If you want to experience slot games such as this one, you can view the list of the fastest paying casinos in Canada.

Joel Thomas Zimmerman mentioned that he has played in countless casinos throughout his career, so being recognized by one of the biggest casino software developers out there proved to be quite an honor for him, and he is thrilled to have a game of his own. There are also musicians that love to gamble, and as such, entering that world would prove to be an efficient way to gain new fans.

Since he is a DJ, the game features a theme, color scheme, graphics, and an unparalleled soundtrack to truly bring Deadmau5 to life in front of a mobile or computer screen.

Deadmau5 Slot Explained

The first thing you need to know about the slot game is the fact that it is available for play at no charge in a demo mode. If you want to play for real money, that option is also available to you, but you need to sign up for an online casino in order to do so. The game has 243 paylines in 5 reels, and the jackpot is at x250.000 your initial bet.  The game also features multipliers, scatters and wild symbols, which can increase the gameplay experience and overall winnings potential. 

The game has amazing 3D graphics and an RTP of 95.22%, which is solid, and you can learn How to Get Lucky at The Casino as-well. 

Who is Deadmau5 

Deadmau5 is one of the biggest Canadian DJ’s out there, born on January 5th, 1981, his real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman. His name originates from a 2002 internet chat room where he told people that he found a dead mouse in his computer, after which he became known as the dead mouse guy.

The Future of Slots

This is a bold move on the side of Microgaming, as more and more artists and people from other industries can now be implemented within the casino world and potentially have their own slots title in the future. Not only do these games add a bit more personality to the world of slots, but they represent the artists in their full glory, while also allowing their fans to win real money by admiring their idols in the form of a game.

Frankie Wilde – is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveler and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.


How to Get a Job in the Music Industry

Fancying a job offer from the best record label to finally landing in the music industry is not a comfortable journey. The music industry is competitive. It requires talent with suitable natural flair. However, you can achieve this aptitude with passion and an unerring sense of direction. 

Let’s get rolling into how to get into the music industry. A recipe you don’t want to miss. 

Digging into the Music World 

You need to be versatile, master of all or have a performer, star-like niche. To get a job in the music industry, you must have the right information about the field, its people, the music business epicenter, and above all, the best skills to showcase. 

Your passion should drive you. Your skills in networking will be tested here. Be vigilant. You have to be the right man, at the right place, at the right time.

  1. Put on the Self-Assessment Glasses

Knowing oneself is the key. Gauge your skillset. Think about what you aspire. How ready are you to be working in the music industry? Set your goals. The music industry is competitive. How well equipped are you? Do you know where you fit in? Ask questions to yourself—assess your capabilities. 

Moreover, it’s vital to know that it’s a vast field. It includes performer, music composer, producer, music arranger, Audio engineer, music recorder, and the list goes on. The list is a lengthy one. 

Knowing your niche and specialization is the key. Your end goal should always be in your mind. There are plenty of jobs in the music industry, and to capitalize on these opportunities, you will have to equip yourself accordingly. 

  1. A Good Resume – Stepping Stone

To secure a rewarding career in the music industry, a great resume is a foremost requirement. A perfect resume will land you with the best opportunity. Your resume will make you worthy of a job offer you are longing for. You can use ResumeThatWorks, which specializes in resume writing services. 

An updated resume will give you that added value you are looking for to get a music business job. Your resume reaches the employer before you. Remember, you don’t want to miss the all-important first impression. Be tactful in playing your cards. Your resume should be a striking one. It should be well articulated. 

  1. Embrace Yourself – Be Creative

Music is a language. Get creative in your ideas. To get the business to be the best in the business. Stand out in the competition. Develop your talent, polish your skills, and add value to the existing skill set. Think out of the box. 

Get your hands on new ideas. Innovation is the key. Get all the necessary adaptations that will add to your value. You should be able to sell your expertise in the music industry. 

Creativity is the best policy. Be creative and earn perks others can’t. Be spot on. Never lose a chance to look at things from a different angle. Your right attitude will help you even in overcoming your aptitude. This, in turn, will help you immensely with your career in the music industry. 

Learn courses online. See what the latest technologies in recording are. Learn about software that might help you get hired as an expert on music tools. Be very selective about your experience. Gain it to the maximum.

  1. Learn to Earn

Remember, always keep the learning window open. To open new doors for your career in the music industry, you should work hard for it. You must be doing your bit already, but here is something you should consider. 

Always follow your passion. If you are a student and facing difficulty with your college assignments and custom writing tasks, don’t let it be an obstacle in your music aspirations. 

Work hard for your dreams. Look for volunteer work in small music projects or gigs. Find out which musician is looking for an assistant. Take small music jobs. Always be busy doing work that is helping you to lean towards your goals of acquiring a position in your favorite music label company or studio. 

Keep contributing to the music arena in your close vicinity. Work for free to capitalize on the experience opportunity. Experience pays a lot more than money does. 

  1. Networking – Develop a Next Level PR Strategy

The music industry is altogether a different world. Don’t be shy. Go to parties. Open up with new people and exchange business cards. Be hospitable. Try to be where the music biggies are. You have to make a good network of friends and music industry people. 

You shouldn’t be shying away from traveling. Know about music sessions happening in your city or countryside. Become part of music launch ceremonies. Develop relations with recording labels, media teams. Famous musicians, renowned composers. Be socially active, in fact, be super active to get the required elevation. Taking off in the music industry and getting your dream job requires a vast ranging network

  1. Stand out from the Competition

No doubt, there is massive competition in all fields of work. But remember, record companies are looking for music artists who are extremely talented and creative. And the truth is, they have to struggle hard to find such individuals. Yes, you read that right. 

Isn’t it good news? It means that being successful in the music industry is not as hard as you might have thought. You don’t have to worry about the existing successful people in the industry already. 

Myron Parks, a business developer, who cooperates with EssayKitchen states “individuals who always make it in any industry do not care about their competition. All they do is focus on standing out from the rest.” So, make sure you strive to do something unique and original. Doing so will help you get more opportunities in the industry that others only dream about.

The road to success in the music industry no doubt requires a lot of determination. The competition is narrowing. One has to train accordingly. Knowing about new trends and contemporary practices is a must. Looking for new ideas is a value addition. Building upon PR is a strategy that will never be counterproductive. Growing a network is imperative. Work on details to make a perfect resume. Develop your music portfolio. 

Last but not least, your passion should be the driving force. Keep going after your goal. Keep improving. Success is reachable.


Is it a Good Idea to introduce Music To Children

Music is an essential and healthy part of our culture. It would help if your children were introduced to this culture from the start. A little confused? Don’t worry, because we are here with some ideas that will set your mind right to it.

Brain growth 

A child’s nurturing stage is full of complexity and can be difficult if not done correctly. Many parents try to proceed with this stage subtly in order to ensure their children grow up to be a functional individual in society. They teach them several different things, including manners, ways of life, and tackling personal problems, among other things. Although one thing they forget to teach them about is the significance of music in their childhood. Believe it or not, music plays a vital role in a child’s growing up phase. Music is not just an idea used for pleasure or setting your mood right; it also contributes to strengthening and stimulating your brain activity. Many parents indulge their children in practising activities related to music such as playing the violin, piano, guitar and many other instruments. This act indirectly helps their children with the emergence of new neural links in their brain. Writing skills and music have a significant correlation. If you are a parent whose child is mediocre in their writing skills, music is the best way to counter this problem.

Memory, attention, and concentration

One of the benefits of listening to music is the enhancement of memory, attention and concentration. It’s not necessary to listen to songs regularly, although it helps a great deal by increasing your memory span. Even if you are indulged in your work with your concentration on different things, your memory will allow you to remember things you did before. So if you are suffering from a low memory span, try listening to songs at least one time in the day. Learning music helps to such an extent that a person can be cured if they are suffering from short term memory loss. They can remember the particular event by recalling the music if any which was playing in the background. Such is the power of music.

Nowadays, many teens have increased levels of low attention span, which deteriorates their academic performance. This happens because they can’t stay attentive to the topic their teacher is discussing. Their attention diverted towards different things if the topic of discussion becomes boring. Listening to songs beats this problem by increasing the concentration levels of students. 

Language skills

Improvement of language skills is a perk when listening to music. Yes! It’s true. Music, along with its significant benefits, helps children work on their talking, writing, and speech skills. Some of the main problems which can be solved by listening to music for children are reading comprehensions and remembering verbal clues. The reason why parents should push their kids into the music culture is that it helps a child’s reading skills develop efficiently.

The left side of a human brain comprises the part which is responsible for linguistics and rational decision making. Music, in this matter, develops the child’s left part of the mind. This helps the children with the remembrance of songs and teaches them the basics of rhythm. If your child has trouble learning things, music can counter this situation. Let’s take an example of math tables; instead of learning the tables ordinarily, try learning the tables in a rhythmic manner which in turn would be favourable to your child. Different kinds of languages express various kinds of emotions. For example, a person listening to songs which have entirely different lyrics but it somehow soothes them in their leisure time. This happens because of its music.

Songs can express their meaning through music If you have enough knowledge about music you can tell whether a song is depressing or relaxing. This is why studying music for kids is crucial as it can help them in learning about different cultures and languages. With every other factor that contributes to the benefit of music listening, one thing that parents should remember is the concentration. Music helps you out with school tasks to do an essay and submitting before the deadline.

Math skills

What does music help with? A question many people ponder upon because of music’s every day discovering side effects. In my opinion, it helps you a great deal while doing your arithmetical work. Listening to songs while doing your classwork is looked down upon, and parents occasionally prohibit this kind of behaviour to their children. What they don’t realize is that in some activities such as mathematical work, music can be of great significance. Songs which include beat drops and rock music help hype up your child for a specific goal. However, this happens only with work, including mathematical calculations. Your child can work out fractions, word problems and much different mathematical work faster when listening to music rather than listening to nothing. Listening to songs while learning or revising something is a bad idea as you can’t focus on the lyrics and your word paragraph at the same time.  

Increased coordination

Improvement of motor skills for a child comes under the category of benefits of music. Yes, children benefit the most in their motor skills by listening to songs. Playing and dancing at the same time increases the coordination of your body. Every part of your body from the smallest muscle to the largest synchronizes with it. This helps you stay connected to your work no matter if you are dancing or doing academic work. It’s because as long as your body and brain are linked together, you are good to go. 

Social skills

Kids playing instruments is a healthy activity that parents should encourage. This is highly essential because it enhances a child’s social and emotional skills. Dave Kim, a sociologist who works with companies that provide perfect writing services, said that listening to music helps people working together and develops sympathy towards others.

Music for life

Music has more meaning to your life than it catches the eyes. It is an excellent opportunity for a fresh start for your child in a strange world. Try indulging your kids into school music clubs or encourage them to take courses to learn musical instruments of their choice.

Music is part of your life that shouldn’t be missed. It gives you hope and dedication towards the impossible. Don’t hesitate to encourage your children in introducing them to this way of life as it can help them in certain corners of life when you can’t be there for them.


Planning The Perfect Indie Music For Your Wedding

Hip-hop, pop and classic rock may be America’s favorite musical genres, but indie also has a top spot in the list, with around 14% of millennials feeling that this type of music best represents their lives. Interestingly, millennials are also within the age most likely to get married (aged 24 to 29), so many may be planning their upcoming wedding. If you are one of them and you feel like indie music should play an important role at your reception, how can you do so while still catering for all musical tastes?

Hiring An Indie Band

One of the best ways to get guests of all ages excited about indie music, is to hire a live band that will have guests on their feet and dancing away until sunrise. You may have your favorite songs (and those that mean something to you and your partner should definitely play at some point in your party), but you should also include a wide array of indie tracks guests are likely to know. Some of the top-selling indie songs include There is a Light that Never Goes Out by the Smiths, Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, and I Bet You Look Good on The Dancefloor by The White Stripes. Ask the band to play these as well as requested songs by your guests. Ask your guests to submit their requests in the weeks leading up to your big day so the band has time to get acquainted with the most requested tunes.

Creating A Meaningful Playlist

Whether or not you hire a band, you will most likely have to create a wedding reception song list. If you do hire a band, they will take much of the work off your hands, but if you choose to simply have a friend DJ the event and play your chosen songs, then take all the time you need. The playlist should have a good combination of fast (danceable), sing-along and romantic tunes. After all, this isn’t just a party; it’s a celebration of your love. Choose around five songs that mark the trajectory of your romance with your bride or groom, and play one of these after every set of four or five faster tunes. When you do play your special songs, present video footage alongside them featuring some of the best times you have had with your new spouse. This will lend the event meaning, and is something your guests will remember for a lifetime.

A Blend Of Old And New

A typical wedding features wedding guests from various generations in one big party, so make sure that nobody feels left-out. When compiling your playlist for the band or DJ, ensure that decades ranging from as far back as the 1950s and 1960s are included. From Chuck Berry to Elvis, right through to James Brown, the BeeGees and the Jackson Five, ensure that timeless bands are interspersed with some of your favorite indie musicians of all time. 

When planning music for a wedding, taking guests into account is key. So, too, is including music that means something to you and your new spouse. Get guests involved by accepting requests and playing those that are most popular and interesting. Don’t forget to include a few hits from other genres so that everyone feels represented.