BANAFSH Exotic New Single “Soul Man of the East”

Tehran, Iranian band, BANAFSH have much to say, in such a small package in the memorable “Soul Man of the East.” This new track, from the band’s forthcoming album, A Pledge for Peace, is a simple gesture filled with strong orchestration and a toe-tapping chorus.


Just as John Lennon and Yoko Ono pleaded “Give Peace A Chance” (and Sean Lennon reprised in 1991), BANAFSH takes over the baton. They remind us in the simplest of ways to spread the word about peace: they put it to music.


This English and Persian sung track has strong Middle Eastern strings and keys – the electric guitars fuse nicely with acoustic guitars. The song sounds very measured, it’s like clockwork and predicable but surprisingly airy and flowery in a borderline psychedelic way. It’s only mind-altering in the way that as a listener you are empathetic to their way of life, their plea for peace.


While the electric guitar really rocks, the partnering violin collides gently. They both toe the line when it comes to the subtle percussion and bass. The vocal, a male voice with very strong baritone is an interesting choice. It’s not that his delivery is menacing or off-putting, it’s that he brings honesty and an empathetic feeling to the listener. Some folks might need a few listens to warm up to his voice.


This song really pops in the sense that its message and sound lingers. Albeit the lyrics are not mind stretching – there doesn’t seem to be a lot of analogies and prose going on in “Soul Man of the East” but it opens the door for discussion. The song presents itself as it is – no extra electric mixes, no unnecessary auto-tuning – it’s pure. That honesty and basic music bed might come across as primitive to some, but it works exceptionally well in this instance.


Two thumbs up for sharing such a wonderful message and a pleasant song onto the world stage.

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     -review by Lenny Watson

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