Blonder’s Latest Track “In and Out” is Perfect for Summer

The latest release, “In and Out,” from the NYC based group Blonder is perfect for the spring/summer weather.

With beachy, summer vibes and catchy riffs, “In and Out” make you want to smash the replay button. Complete with an uptempo beat, energetic guitars, and cool, fuzzy vocals with catchy and rhythmic lyrics, it’s the perfect track to sing out loud in the summer sun. The upbeat ode to a love that could (or could not) be, is full of little hooks—triple claps, oh-oh-oh’s—and frontman Constantine Anastasakis’s breezy vocals.

Though the track is named similarly to the popular LA burger joint, “In and Out” is about how something (or more likely someone) can mean everything but that it doesn’t necessarily have to.

“The whole theme of the song is about how [being involved with someone] can mean everything,” Anastasakis explains, “but that it doesn’t necessarily have to. The verses were basically about talking to someone you’re attracted to for the first time, and the potential that maybe you could fall in love… but it’s kind of like a lament that maybe you wouldn’t. The transient side of loving someone was on my mind. Hopefully the music feels like it did when [that situation] was all happening to me, with all the chaos and excitement of those emotions.”

Lyrics like, “Forever doesn’t take that long at all / We could try and fight the pills or we could just fall,” feel bright and are fun to sing along to.

The pop, rock, indie, punk vibes of the song is everything that is popular on the radio currently. Everything that Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance” was, “In and Out” does better. The entire track is full with catchy hooks- ohs, heys and claps- something that the 2014 track had, but can’t quite compete with what Bolder does with this track. “In and Out” also maintains the same riffs and dance feel over the entirety of the track. It’s not hard to know what comes next, except at the same time it’s interesting to listen to.

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