Bludgers Air Their “Dirty Laundry”

Sometimes a project needs a break to reinvigorate it’s spirit. That seems to be the case with Americana-rock band Bludgers. After taking well over decade away from music, Bludgers came out swinging in 2016 and have been intermittently recording since. 2021 will see the release of a new EP titled BLUDGERS FIVE. The lead single “Dirty Laundry” off of the upcoming BLUDGERS FIVE EP showcases a finely cultivated country-rock sound that is going to make Bludgers stand out.

BLUDGERS FIVE has quickly amassed plays on college and non-commercial radio stations across the country. After taking a listen to “Dirty Laundry” I can attest the hype is well deserved. Packed with an all-Americana county-rock twang, this single will feel special to music lover’s of all types.

The seamless mesh between 90’s rock, country, and Americana creates something special with “Dirty Laundry.” Throughout you can feel moments inspired by musical masters such as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. That familiarity makes the track comfortable but Bludgers continue to stand out by playing with pop and country elements.

Lyrically “Dirty Laundry” leaves a little bit of vagueness that allows listeners to come up with their own interpretation. Lyrics like “They found that big pile of dirty money, they found that long trail of dirty cash, now you can see us all looking worried in the camera flash…” could lead you to believe the track is about the sandal and corruption our society is unfortunately crippled. But that’s the beauty of art, it’s all up to interpretation.

“Dirty Laundry” feels effortless for Bludgers. As an act built to only work together intermittently, you can tell each member is a master in their craft and that they all have a palpable chemistry for creating music. You can listen to BLUDGERS FIVE on Spotify and check out the rest of their discography.

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