Bluedive Start The Year With ‘Rejection’

“Bluedive is a band with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between a wide variety of influences. From the edge of pop-punk, down to the immediacy and sonic breadth of alternative rock, anything goes” – Band Camp Diaries

Bluedive is bringing their bittersweet brand of emo-punk-rock into 2022 with their new song “Rejection” out on all streaming platforms on January 7. Stream it here –

The band came together in mid-2020 amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. Three teens who found themselves stuck at home with a lot of time on their hands turned monotony into creativity. The Santa Clarita, CA based Aidan Dixon (vocals, guitar,) Riff Gordon (drums,) and Sebastian Landa (vocal, bass) added Los Angeles based guitarist Beck Garcia into their mix in 2021 to add more layers to their sound. “I saw Bluedive perform multiple times back in the summer of 2021 and I really liked what they were doing. The mixture of Midwest emo and pop punk really stood out to me. I had always wanted to play in a band like this. I was super stoked when they asked me to fill in for a show on drums. After that they realized I wasn’t a drummer, but I ended up really connecting with them as a guitarist.” says Beck.


The foursome delivers energetic emo-punk while straddling alternative indie rock on their new song “Rejection.” Rejection is about moving on. I wrote it about moving on from someone, but generally the main ideas there are self-growth, and change for the better,” Aidan explains.

“Rejection” delivers winding guitar leads and heartfelt vocals that blend perfectly with the pounding drums and intricate bass work. It’s honest and relatable music that is both catchy and emotional.

Bluedive released their debut Bittersweet EP in the summer of 2021 and the “F-you” anthem “2020” quickly became a fan favorite, where galloping guitars and a bombastic drum groove underscore a hummable hook and the “2020 Really Sucks” gang vocal, while “Hurt Me” bounces between hard-hitting riffs and hypnotic melodies. On the other end of the spectrum, “Andie” moves like a sunny and upbeat bop but cuts deeper, they end the song set with the acoustic “Peaches & Cream.”  “A captivating genre-blending opus between pop, rock, and touches of punk” – The Further.

When asked about how Bluedive was formed, Riff explains, “Sebastian and I played together in our high school jazz band so when he reached out and asked if I wanted to get together and play with him and Aidan, I was happy to have a musical outlet after months of Covid-19 stay at home orders. Once things started to open up again, we played our first official show at a local music shop called Impulse Music CO. and things started to domino, that’s where we met Quynn of JUNK! Punk Show who in addition to being a journalist and photographer also promotes shows. Quynn put us on some JUNK! Punk Shows and introduced us to Beck, who joined the band as our new guitarist, Quynn also created the cover art for “Rejection.”  “Getting into the local scene and playing shows has definitely been the best thing for us as a band, it’s a really supportive group of artists and we are so grateful for the way they have embraced and welcomed us,” adds Sebastian.

Bluedive’s songs are filled with banging rhythms, intense riffs, catchy choruses, and lyrics that will tug at your heart but are also fun and upbeat and are consistently sincere. Nodding to influences such as Mom Jeans, and bands that formed before they were even born, like Nirvana, Green Day, The Cure, and The Smiths. Bluedive came together at a time when the whole world seemed to be on edge, 17-year-old Aidan, 18-year-old Sebastian, 22-year-old Beck and 16-year-old Riff write and record with a desire to not only have a good time but to unite people through powerful pop-infused, rock ‘n’ roll.

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