Brad Byrd Asks ‘Where Were You When The World Stopped’

Creativity breeds creativity. That was the case for musician Brad Byrd. Surrounded by creatives and musicians as a child in Massachusetts, Brad knew from an early age that he wanted to pursue music. Brad was able to write songs and play multiple instruments by the time he was a teenager, and he’s been building consistent knowledge ever since.

The talent and knowledge Brad possesses led him to having a fruitful career in music. He has had songs in films like All Aboard The Crazy Train as well as in over 60 popular television shows to date such as FOX’s New Girl. Now, he’s here with his latest album titled Where Were You When The World Stopped?

This five song EP showcases the great diversity of Brad Byrd’s talents. You can find glimpses of alt-country, folk, psych-rock, and pop-rock amongst the album, keeping you intrigued on what is next to come.

Listen to Where Were You When The World Stopped below

The album opens with the humbling title track, immediately hypnotizing you into the warmth Brad brings with this song. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the world as everyone knew it, the song feels so wholly relevant, even though that very well may not be the actual meaning behind the track. The track is solemn and beautiful, and it makes for a special start to the EP.

But the tempo doesn’t stay down for long as “When You Need Me” breaks through. There’s a playful use of fiddle and other country elements that add a twang to this otherwise sultry rock track. Fans of either genre will be pleased with what Brad Byrd brings to the table with Where Were You When The World Stopped. Brad’s vocals are gruff and deep within this track, pushing the limits of his vocal range and making for a really cool sound to fit in with the instrumentals.

There’s so much brilliant instrumentation throughout the album that subtly plays with genre lines and boundaries, making Brad stand out above the crowd a bit. Where Were You When The World Stopped is a well-rounded, enchanting album that is sure to please anyone who is willing to take a listen.

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