Bravestation’s New Hit is Deeper Than Most Others

Everyone loves a good slow jam. The question becomes, what makes a slow jam good?


The answer seems like quite a simple one. Lyrics that make you low-key fall a little bit in love (no matter who you are) and intentional music that is clearly out to set the mood. “Deeper than Oceans,” from the minds of duo Bravestation, definitely qualifies. And yeah, not only is it a good one, it’s a great one.


Why is ‘Deeper than Oceans’ a Certified Slow Jam Banger?


From the beginning, the vibe couldn’t be more obvious. Smooth electric guitar and easy synth elevated by piano. Throughout the sensual song, there’s never a “shock factor” or a noticeable shift in dynamic. “Deeper Than Oceans” is pure slow jam goodness. The thing is, this track doesn’t need a shtick. Manageable, repeated riffs aren’t boring, easily forgettable. Sly harmonies between instruments build nicely upon each other. Fitting the lyrics expertly, then entire package is eloquently presented as one.

Bravestation Craft Unique, Personified Track, Reaching Across Multiple Audiences


The lyrics are extremely specific, with the first words being “The freckles on your face, I like that.” The way these words are presented could have a lot of people wishing they were born with freckles all over their face. A slinky chorus, consisting of just “Kiss me, girl,” is repeated over and over, inviting and enticing.


Continued lyricism unfolds love of a woman from a small town with big dreams and a troubled past. Complimenting these imperfections with ease as the song moves on is a beautiful choice by the duo.

“Deeper than Oceans” fosters a chill vibe overall. A complicated emotion isn’t one to be found here. Nods of the head and swaying to the beat are almost invitations. It’s what I like most about the song, the effortless motion to willingly move with the composition.

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