Brettathew Shares His “Bad Trip”

The hip-hop community has a bustling underground full of talented up-and-comers. Brettathew, of Western New York is one of those rookies on the rise, seeking to share his honest lyrics with everyone. He’s taken years of writing poetry and turned that into heartfelt and emotive lyrics tied to hypnotizing beats. The latest single from Brettathew is “Bad Trip.”

“Bad Trip” is smooth and seamless. From the opening instrumentals on, you’ll find yourself completely entranced in this song. The beat flows so fluidly throughout the track, providing the perfect space for the lyrical content to cut through.

Listen to “Bad Trip” below

It’s clear that Brettathew has spent time pouring himself into the lyrical content. His background in poetry allows the lyrics to be clever, cutting, and clean. He utilizes words in a way that is playful and makes you think about the meanings behind each and every word. This type of lyricism is intriguing and gives listeners the opportunity to pull their own meaning from the lyrics.

For a fresh, up-and-comer in the industry, Brettathew has a mature and developed foundation set for his career. Through persistence and consistently putting out music at this quality, Brettathew will surely make waves in the hip-hop world.

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