Nothing Wrong With Being Emotional, Baby!

Emotional is a brand new band from San Francisco, California. A new project from Brian Wakefield of Melted Toys, Emotional brings us an indie feel that’s reminiscent of the 1980s, but with vocals similar to The Smashing Pumpkins and some electronic elements to give it a modern twist.

The very first impression you’ll get from their new EP Ahh… The Name Is Emotional, Baby! is the extreme amount of effort and time it must have taken to get the album cover to be such a work of art. I’m not saying album covers determine the value of the content inside, but come on you — can’t say this cover is not something that doesn’t make you want to take a listen!

Diving right into the EP, we’re introduced to the first track “Believe In Me,” which only highlights the 80s feel. This is the type of track I’d expect to hear at a school dance in 1985 (and no, before you ask, I was not even in existence at the time… I get all of my information from movies). The vocals are the perfect blend of raspy and soothing, and the electronic influence reminds me a bit of Passion Pit. Combining these two elements in an effective way is quite impressive.

The second track, “Could I Be The Last One,” has less of an electronic influence, and relies more on the presence of drums and guitar. Seeing that Emotional is not only good with the use of electronics, but good with traditional instruments as well just makes you want to listen even further. The fact that this song is quite different from the first makes sure that there’s no repetitive feel and that listening further is sure to provide yet another completely different experience.

I’m not gonna lie here, the third track, “She Dropped Outta College,” really brought me in (I mean, the title is quite enticing to a college student). And of course, this track is completely unique in itself. I’m really enjoying the lyrics here, and the whole song is giving off a very psychedelic feel that would’ve been quite at home in the 1970s. Of course, we’re in the 2010s here, but if you’re into indie rock with a very unique vibe, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Overall, the new album by Emotional is quite impressive. The track titles are impressive, and if you happen to be a Cancer like me, you’ll be able to relate to the name of the band too. (Not saying I’m an emotional mess… That often). The best way that I could describe the album would be to say that it’s art. Unique in all the right ways and quite eclectic, too.

You can check out the album here — that is, if your ears are ready for the experience.

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