BYSTS Take Us To ‘Dreamland’

Post-punk duo BYSTS showcase their talents in their latest release Dreamland.

Dreamland, the duo’s latest EP, is a great testament to their talent. The duo combines the talents of Bryan Holbrook and Stefanie Marlow to bring us a unique combination of sounds. The duo’s unmatchable sound is the result of bending the rigid lines which define different genres.

Despite the EP’s length, each of the tracks featured on it are beautifully performed and produced. The most memorable being the opening track “Divine.” The song introduces us to the band and forces us to keep listening to what it is to come next.

The EP is only an amuse-bouche of what the band has to offer. Only 3-tracks long, the EP’s third track comes to an end just as I started falling for the duo and craving more of their music.

This EP is solid proof that BYSTS is a band to look out for. The duo’s unique vision separates them from the numerous musician acts releasing music on a regular basis.

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