Cary Shields Says “Run Rabbit”

slow and steady doesn’t always win the race, Cary Shields new track “Run Rabbit” is a fast paced singer/songwriter song for those who prefer the hare over the tortoise. Shields tells a tale on this track with a full bodied folk influenced voice. Though this song takes on a country cadence, it tackles some contemporary issues.

Listen To “Run Rabbit” Here

With some impressive instrumentation, “Run Rabbit” is an ensemble of country twang. The upbeat guitar takes the song along through the narrative that Shields spins. Upright bass and banjo add some interesting rhythm, with lead guitar adding some tasteful fills. The percussion does not try to be fancy, but a simple beat lends to the jam session feel.

Shields tells a relatable tale of life during the pandemic. With a bluesy timbre he illustrates emotions we experienced spanning fear and bored monotony. “Run Rabbit” is an apt name as this song describes a hectic fast paced confusion that many experienced.

Cary Shields is a singer/songwriter with some charismatic storytelling. He has plenty to say and has proved himself adept at crafting a musical narrative. If you liked “Run Rabbit” check out some of Shields’s previous work like his 2020 EP Soul Bones. Keep up with Cary Shields to stay up to date with future releases.

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