Let Chris Beer Make Your Day With His Latest Single

You might not be familiar with him now, but once I introduce you, you’ll want to become friends with Chris Beer. This Austrian born musician has some American roots and experiences all throughout Europe. These life experiences have transpired into music that exceeds genre boundaries. Playing with reggae, folk, hip-hop, rock, and other worldly sounds, Chris Beer has created a joyful sound wholly his own.

Chris Beer makes music that makes other’s feel good. His playfulness and spontaneity shines through in his music more than anything else. “Make My Day” is the latest creation from Beer, further proving to us that he’s here for both a good time, and a long time.

“Make My Day” is a love song without shame, leaving you with a shit-grinning, ear to ear smile. The track is quintessential Chris Beer, fun, bright, and not quite what you’d expect. Typical love songs are melodic and gushing, but “Make My Day” is much more funky than that. It contains a proud and unique drumline and elements that seem to be pulled from Indian music. These elements make the song much more upbeat and addictive than your cookie-cutter love ballad.

The corresponding music video highlights the same feelings of joy and love. Beer is all smiles throughout the video, leaving you with the impression that he is in love with life and the opportunities it brings. This feel-good type of content is something that we need now more than ever before.

If Chris Beer continues to move forward in his life and music career with such genuine emotion and joy, than he’s set to be an international superstar. So take a break from the gloom and grim and dive into something that can truly make your day.

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