Coheed and Cambria’s ‘Unheavenly Creatures’ a Vivid Glimpse into LP

In the light of continuing their epic sci-fi narrative, Coheed and Cambria, a prog-rock band from New York, announced their upcoming LP, Vaxis — Act 1: The Unheavenly Creature, with single “The Dark Sentencer” and, more recently, with the single and video of the title track.


A majority of Coheed and Cambria’s concept-based albums are based on frontman Claudio Sanchez’s epic series, The Amory Wars. It consists of their albums (less 2016’s The Color Before the Sun), a full-length novel, and a series of comic books to match. The single is welcomed by fans everywhere, anticipating the upcoming music.


The “Unheavenly Creatures” music video, released simultaneously, embraces the story of a fading friendship as two characters make their way to be tried for their crimes. The song appears to speak from their anxious perspectives, in particular the heartbreak and agony of one who has lost their loved one to injustice, either at their own hands or that of a system’s.

Coheed and Cambria Return to Concept

The chorus is strong and catchy, desperate and dramatic all at once. Suffice it to say “Run, run, run, run, run like the son of a gun” is going to be ringing in my head for the days to come.

It also appears to hint at the unfortunate fate of the characters, with the line “Did anyone teach you to be better / To obey and follow to the letter.” Rich with romance and dystopia, the vocals are beautifully suited to the nature of the story.


The song is a decent blend of equal parts rock and alternative, with strong drums and an eclectic guitar respective to its genre. My particular favorite are the welcoming synth intro and outro, reminiscent of a video game theme and signature of a less rigid rock scene. Such a change in musical theme is starkly different from their past works (though, for those familiar, more in sync with Sanchez’ solo work), which are generally heavier compared to the new single. As many bands of our age tend to do, their music is subject to change, often for the better.


Fans of the in-concept musical series appeared to be particularly excited about the continuation of the narrative. However, newcomers to their music would find this single an interesting window to the band’s style. With an overall brilliant production quality and an interesting, unique approach to music and science fiction, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of their releases.

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