Crazy Mary – Psychedelia That Keeps The History Of The NYC Music Scene Alive

The New York City music scene is well known the world over.  The scene has changed and evolved over the years but that hard work and grit that it was built on will always remain.  Some of the current NYC implants have no idea of the blood, sweat, and tears that were spilled on these streets.  We found a band recently that DOES know all about the gritty, smart, artful, edgy and sexy background of where they are and keeps it alive and well.  Welcome to the world of Crazy Mary.

The psychedelic no-wave band was formed back in 1998 by guitarist and songwriter Charles Kibel, a long time veteran of the Lower East Side rock scene, and drummer Nick Raisz.  They are hard to describe in words but there are elements of all types of music here.  Crazy Mary has gained much notice during their time from big time publications such as The New Yorker, Boston Globe, and Village Voice.  They have played all the festivals in their time as well from CMJ to CBGB to the Howl Festival.  The greatest thing about this band is that through all these years they refused to cater their music to please the masses but instead stayed true to their musical passion.

Earlier this year, Crazy Mary released the album Dreaming In Brilliant Color.  This record continues moving their music forward but still remains unique and hard to describe.  The use of Walter Steding on fiddle and Australian native Em Z’s intense vocals help create the combination of sounds that create the vibrant collage that is Crazy Mary.  I believe the best way to introduce you to them is to witness the visuals they fused with music for their video for the song Nuclear Lipstick.  The following video will warp your mind slightly but you will walk away enjoying it.  Prepare yourself:


Enjoy more of Crazy Mary at:


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