Danielle Hollobaugh Urges Us To Find ‘Peace on Earth’

‘Peace on Earth’ is the latest EP from Danielle Hollobaugh. It is the perfect holiday tune for these bizarre and difficult times.

This holiday season will see us face entirely unique challenges. This time of year normally indicates unity, the spirit of giving, and family. For many of us, it now marks a period of grief and struggle. Families all across the world are grappling with the new normal the pandemic has forced us to contend with. This makes the yearly playing of the Christmas classics feel somewhat odd.

The tunes that have promised us familiar comfort might not be so comforting this year. This reality makes us hunger for a holiday melody that acknowledges what we are all going through while still being fixed within the seasonal spirit. This is where Danielle Hollobaugh comes in.

Her new Christmas EP, Peace on Earth, perfectly captures this bizarre holiday season. Peace on Earth‘s title track immediately captivates you, showing you what Danielle is bringing to the table with this EP. The first thing the listener notes upon hearing the song is her vocals. Hollobaugh has a voice with the most incredible intensity and smoothness. Her performance leads the tune with remarkable power.

Listen to the title track to Peace on Earth below

“Peace on Earth” also has many of the familiar elements that one would expect from a holiday tune; an uplifting message, vocal belts, and a strong melody. Yet, Hollobaugh imbues her song with all the catchy beats of pop. This combination of tradition and modernity might clash under a less-talented artist, but Hollobaugh is truly brilliant.

Not only is this a Christmas tune that the listener can dance to, but it has a message that everyone can get behind. It is all about finding connectedness in a time of brutal separation. She has endeavored to create something that everyone can listen to and feel heard and recognized. “Peace on Earth” urges us to be kind to one another, including ourselves. It reminds us that we are all going through this painful time together.

The holidays are going to be a challenge for everyone this year, but a song like “Peace on Earth” will make it easier to get through. You can stream the lead single and all of Peace on Earth on Spotify.

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