Darla and the Blonde’s New Single Darkly Intriguing

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

After a quite a spell as a popular live band in England, Darla and the Blonde have finally sat down to record.

Darla and the Blonde Releases Single

We still have to wait for their debut EP, scheduled for release in late May, but the five-piece has offered us their first single, “End of the Party,” early.

The new track from Darla and the Blonde — fronted by primary songwriter Nina Lovelace and lead vocalist Jen Demaris — is hauntingly edgy, a dark, grungy tune with hints of Lovelace’s interest in folk, folklore, and international politics.

Demaris’ lead vocals are big, deep, and twisted, without ever coming across as negative. Musically, the tune is grungy with hints of gothic darkness and prog experimentation. It is dramatic and agreeably harsh without being too hard core. It’s truly bewitching and enamoring.

The song allows listeners the chance to get to know each member of the group better through what they’re playing. The instrumentation takes a step back on the choruses, allowing Demaris’ rich vocals shine. Miniature guitar solos pop in and out throughout the tune, giving us a taste of Rob McCabe’s style. Bassist Craig Page and drummer Tom Loffman weave a strong, surprisingly groovy rhythmic hook throughout. We’re really afforded a chance to grasp how talented each member of the group is.

Considering Darla and the Blonde’s stark blending of style and their high level of artistic talent, I really can’t wait to hear more from them. Though “End of the Party” may be their first official single in the run-up to their first official EP, it is safe to say that we can expect plenty of great things to come from Darla and the Blonde.

Listen to more Darla and the Blonde on SoundCloud, and read about their March 18 single release show on facebook.

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