‘For Knows No Bounds’ by Death.wav leads us into the future.

Being true oneself is a trait that all trailblazers share. Going against the grain takes a certain brand of confidence. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Kanye West are great examples of unwavering vision. Our featured artist Death.wav and his music go against the cookie cutter world of hip hop. His lyrical subject matter is personal, spiritual and imaginative. Dedicating his new album to his mother, the Massachusetts native pushes the envelope of hip hop with For Knows No Bounds.

Death.wav’s new album borrows from a time when skits or preludes were sprinkled throughout LP’s. Through these interludes/preludes, he speaks to the listener and to his mother. The LP’s layout feels like his very own tv network show. Reminiscent of the creativity displayed by Prince Paul’s Prince Amongst Thieves. 

Unorthodox for their length but the short, sweet bangers “I Can Actually Rap Fast Too”, “I Can Fight”, and “No Nose Bound” hit hard. These three singles come in under 2 minutes and pack some serious heat.  In particular, “No Nose Bound”. The way Death.wav switches his flow is fantastic. Further adding to its impact are the mini bridges that separate the song’s lyrical delivery. Subtle but effective.

“Burden Of Love and Care” and “Ballet” are the jewels of the album. Their old school touch reminds me of classic RZA production. The hook on “Burden Of Love” is lowkey infectious as it slowly pours over our ears like chocolate fondue. The background singing in the track is a nod to the days of sampled old school records. It’s a great song to play loud on the block on a warm sunny day.

With the release of For Knows No Bounds, Death.wav shows us another way. Tapping into a well of endless creativity, his music is the future. Through the cycles of hip hop, we are now at a fork in the road. As much as I enjoy what plays on the radio, I welcome change. A new generation of hit makers and trendsetters will always emerge. Death.wav has positioned himself to lead a new generation into the future. The future is now, are you ready?

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