Delilah Bon ‘Don’t Listen To You”

Delilah Bon is the brat-punk alter-ego of Lauren Tate, lead singer of Hands Off Gretal. This project was born after Lauren heard stories from fans who shared that they had been harassed at live shows. After hearing this and reflecting on her own experiences as a woman, she took her emotions and funneled them into creating and producing her own music. Her powerful voice gets her lyrics to resonate with listeners and the brat-punk elements gets the song stuck in your head after you first hear it.

Delilah Bon’s single “I Don’t Listen to You” is a bold mix of metal and hip-hop with a message most women can relate to. The music video includes clips of the singer and fans dancing and screaming along to lyrics such as “I can dress how I want. I can dress how I feel.” Having fans included in the music video gives really shows how the song has resonated with so many people. It also shows that even at a distance, music can still bring people together. The release was on International Women’s Day which is fitting for the anthem made to empower women with lyrics like “you don’t own my skin.” It’s clear what the message is, women can and will live life for themselves.

The song started as a TikTok with a short uplifting message to fans but quickly gained over 60K views overnight. Delilah decided she had to give the song even more life by creating a full version in less than 72 hours. Her unique voice and meaningful lyrics would be hard to miss on your #fyp.

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