Discount Nostalgia Write ‘Songs for Dogs’ but We Enjoy Them Too

Discount Nostalgia, is a 4-piece ’60s jangle-soul-rock band from Bowling Green, Ohio. They just released their debut album, Songs for Dogs, recorded at Bomb Shelter Studios in Nashville, TN. The album name comes from their early days as a band rehearsing at their guitarist’s parents’ home. After each song, their parent’s neighbors 16 dogs howled and barked, leading to the personalized title.


The album was recorded on tape using traditional techniques to achieve that old-school aesthetic. The album is a collection of songs about relationships, both the complexities and simplicities that are inherent in modern relationships.


Discount Nostalgia Wrote ‘Songs for Dogs’ but Made Them Great for us Too


The whole album is soothing and soulful. Their old-school aesthetic was very much achieved with the flowy and mellow sound of the album. The whole collection of songs lifts your mood but keeps you calm. The vocals are also gentle and smooth and remain low and appealing for the whole album.


There is a hint of psychedelic influence that compliments the soothing and flowy tones. It’s a great mixture of a mellow style while still giving you those “feel good” vibes.



Discount Nostalgia Provides a bit of a Variety


The first song, “Pageantry,” provides a classic sound with incredible vocals. The vocals are powerful and reach a good variety of ranges. It’s a bit of a more up-tempo song compared to the rest on the album but still flows smoothly. The guitar adds a lot of the happier tone and accompanies the vocals tone very well. The melody is also consistent and very catchy.


The song “Just Two Birds” has a good amount of guitar and drums that also give it a bit more of an up-tempo and happier vibe. It remains a bit more relaxed and soothing.


“American Darling” sounds a bit more old school with heavy bass and guitar. The vocals are really strong on this one and definitely a bit raspier than the rest.


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