Get Ready to Dance to DREAMERS’ ‘LAUNCH FLY LAND’

If you’re an avid Indie Pop listener chances are you’ve delved into DREAMERS’ music before. The group consists of vocalist/guitarist Nick Wold, bassist/keyboardist Nelson, and drummer Jacob Wick. DREAMERS has come a long way since their formation in 2014. They hit a high point with the release of This Album Does Not Exist in 2016. DREAMERS are at it again with their newly released LP LAUNCH FLY LAND which dropped April 26th. The band, known for its emotionally expressive work, comes full circle in this album with a fresh sense of reinvigorated spirit and sense of self.

The sense of self discovery in this album is so potent you can taste it. LAUNCH FLY LAND is an electronic mix of foundational indie and dance pop. Although we see elements of longing and loneliness, we are oriented away from the abyss of dreary melodies saturating the indie scene these days. The album focuses on the tug-and-pull of hope and hurt settling on a positive melody.

The debut track “Die Happy” encompasses the huge transition this album takes. It delves into the importance of living in the moment and deriving happiness from every detail. It encapsulates the essence of letting go and simply realizing all of the good around you; one of those moments where everything else fades into the background. This synth-pop tune will surely get you up and dancing.


My personal favorite track of the album, “Someway, Somehow” features a particularly enticing intro/outro guitar sequence. The into pulls you in and captivates you through a slow build climaxing at the chorus. DREAMERS reintroduces their foundational power-rock tune, getting a big helping of strong drum and guitar instrumentation.

LAUNCH FLY LAND is a beautiful mix of emotionality and new beginnings. Wold explains, “The first two EPs [LAUNCH and FLY] were all about this big breakup that I had been through and these new songs were written in the aftermath of that, so in a sense this album is really the sound of me discovering myself.” It it simultaneously relatable and urges us to escape the heaviness holding us down. DREAMERS have created the sound of the next summer hit. Catch one of their intimate shows this summer or go wild for their music at Lallapalooza 2019 on August 2nd.

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