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Dying Fetus Give A Killer Performance Live @ The Crofoot

Seeing six bands on one stage in one night is one way to have a productive Tuesday. For fans who flocked out to the Dying Fetus show, they were greeted by a night packed with music.


Self-described by fans outside as the ‘Metal Warped Tour,’ I thought no more than four bands would be taking the stage. I was quickly proven wrong.


Dying Fetus gives their Tuesday night show in Pontiac, Mi all they have.


The night started just 15 minutes after doors opened when Sanction took the stage. Despite seemingly no one in the crowd actively knowing any of the band’s songs, they were headbanging along having a great time.


After a quick set change, the crowd was slowly filling up. You could see people walk through security jamming along to the music. A group with unmatched energy from any of the opening bands, every member was never stationary clearly putting their all into this performance. Oddly enough, between tracks, they played jazz interludes which really added dimension to their entire set.


River of Nihil was up third. Another high energy metal band that had the crowd going absolutely wild. Fans were headbanging hard enough it’s amazing they don’t have concussions, moshing so hard it’s a wonder that no one broke any bones. They had complete control over the crowd’s actions. Performance wise, they were ripping flawless guitar solos and drumming insanely. It was beyond captivating to watch and listen.


Last up on the opening acts was Thy Art is Murder. A band that made their way all the way from Australia was what truly got the crowd riled up for Dying Fetus. One of the heaviest acts so far, everyone was having a great time. The crowd even got a dude in a wheelchair up crowd surfing — that really got the entire crowd hyped up and ready for everything Dying Fetus was about to lay on them.


During set change, Van Halen and AC/DC were echoing through the room over the chatter. The mainly teen/20-something audience didn’t seem to know any of the tracks making it hard for them to talk.


Finally taking the stage was Dying Fetus. With a crowd muffling laughter to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” playing in the dark venue, the energy went from 0 to 100 with the rush of John Gallagher, Sean Beasley, and Trey Williams taking the stage.


With killer energy for their entire set, you couldn’t help but notice it radiating into the crowd. Everyone was headbanging or moshing or screaming out the hard to understand words. There wasn’t a single person standing still.


You also couldn’t escape the sound they were producing in the entire venue. From the bathrooms to walking out the doors, you were surrounded by Dying Fetus’s sound. The loud and heavy sound echoed through every hallway in The Crofoot.


Despite four hours passing between doors opening and Dying Fetus finally taking the stage, everyone was still going strong. From the number of beers I saw consumed by different individuals to the teens moshing harder than I’ve ever seen, it was amazing that they could keep it up for hours.

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