Easy Bees Buzz Into Your Hearts With Debut

Easy Bees deliver a masterful helping of highly-melodic, singer-songwriter pop/rock on the band’s latest self-titled album. 

Available now on all streaming platforms, Easy Bees is a 12-song set influenced by high-end songwriting talents like The Beatles, Tom Petty, ELO, and The Traveling Wilburys. Big hooks and harmony are the building blocks here and the band slings them with gusto and skill. The harmonized vocal and guitar parts you’ll encounter while spinning this record will quickly rope you into the Easy Bees mostly-gentle brand of rock and roll. 

Band members Ford Natirboff, Jim Hawkes, and Jake Greenlaw came together as a team in 2004 while they were students at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire. They quickly bonded over a shared love of Tom Petty’s music and a desire to create their own songs. All three now live in different states but they never stopped being friends or a band. That’s great news for music fans because Easy Bees have a lot of solid tunes to offer as well as a knack for understated, ear-candy arrangements. 

Watch the official Video for ‘Diamond Ideals’ here

The album opens with the steady, mid-tempo rocker “Diamond Ideals.” It’s a brilliant cut that implores us to hang onto our idealism in the face of the world. The vocals are breathy and personal and the harmonized lead guitar sections are just as sweet. 

“Two Steps Forward One Step Back” is acoustic-oriented and spacious by Easy Bees. The vocals are tight and occupy the center of the arrangement while the guitars chime and swirl beneath them. Every element of the song fits together like a beautiful puzzle made of sound done without a single misstep. Use your headphones so you don’t miss any of them. 

Other album highlights include “I’ve Got Soul,” “John and David,” and “Golden Hour Radio.” Easy Bees is the kind of record that sneaks up on you with its smoothness but will ultimately become a permanent fixture in your rotation and a source of timeless ear worms. Highly recommended.

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