Ekurtis Releases Eccentric Music Video for ‘Boom Da Boom’

“Boom Da Boom,” one of the recently released singles by Ekurtis, is an incredibly eccentric track, full of celestial voices and ever-changing harmonies. His best instrument is his vocals, which Ekurtis demonstrates through sweeping high notes throughout the track. An electro-pop beat and heavy warped guitar riffs create a pleasingly lush sound, yet also add to the mysteriousness of the single.

Additionally, Ekurtis just released a music video for “Boom Da Boom” that parallels it’s sound perfectly. Colorful neon face-paint and sparkles juxtapose the black backgrounds and shadows that make up the video. The music video also is full of interpretive dancing and unconventional saturation effects. Overall, watching and listening to the video is an out-of-the-ordinary, free-spirited, bizarre experience. Parts are eerie and a little bit scary while other scenes seem as if Ekurtis has a secret up his sleeve that he swore he’d never tell.

Experience Ekurtis’ psychedelic dimension for yourself in “Boom Da Boom”:


The Man Behind Ekurtis

The mind behind all of this is Eric Larson. Previously a professional ballet dancer, Larson decided to start recording music as Ekurtis in 2016. He is a self-taught producer and songwriter but is also currently studying filmmaking and design at New York University. His raw talent and experiences have led him to direct, shoot, and edit his own music videos, as he did with “Boom Da Boom”.

Prior to Ekurtis, Larson and his boyfriend formed a group called Eric and Aaron. Together, Larson and Aaron Berk wrote their own tracks and performed together. Eventually, the two decided they were better as a couple than as full-time band mates, and split off as solo artists. Berk, now of Hopper Race, and Larson continue to work together producing their EPs. The two are also still playing gigs together sometimes. They recently played at Piano’s in New York City with special guests Lana Gordon and Danielle Cardona.

Parts I, II, & III

“Boom Da Boom” will be on Larson’s second EP, titled “Part II”, which will be the second of three. “Part I” was released in June of 2016, “Part II” is scheduled for this fall, and, lastly, “Part III” is set to release sometime in early 2018. Interestingly and unexpectedly, all three EP’s are actually related. The three work together to indirectly tell the love story between a civilian and an undercover soldier. Like his music and videos, Larson never ceases to surprise his listeners with uniquely original ideas that make us curious to learn more.

Connect with Ekurtis:

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