EL MO3 Lead us To”Morgan’s Mirage”

EL MO3, a.k.a. Morgan Greenburger, is a sober DJ and producer living and working in New York City. His original music cuts across typical EDM boundaries and exhibits a composer’s touch and expression not often heard in electronic music. His latest track, the single “Morgan’s Mirage,” is a hypnotic, house-infused bit of esoterica that combines a pulsating dark-toned bass part against synth arpeggios that pay homage to vintage 1970s electronica. EL MO3 definitely lives on the artistic side of the EDM world but the neighborhood suits him well and a lot of people who thrive on tripped-out synth-head music there will be happy to make his acquaintance.

“Morgan’s Mirage” has a dark, city-at-night feel to it that’s both entrancing and cinematic. He makes interesting use of timbre and space, putting brightly-toned synths above muted kick and bass sounds and never layering so many parts that the air between them disappears. The track also uses a continually unwinding linear structure rather than the typical verse/chorus arrangement, which makes it go down even more abstractly and never numbs the ears with too much repetition. It ends with little fanfare, as well and seems destined to segue right into another atmospheric piece. 

EL MO3 packs a lot of creativity into “Morgan’s Mirage” and also shows an iconoclastic willingness to defy tradition and dance to the beat of a different drum machine. He’s absolutely worth checking out if you like your sounds a little left of center and he gives the impression that there’s a whole lot more art where this came from. EL MO3 delivers the kind of fresh air that can only improve our current musical universe, which has become overly commercial and stale. He’s a distinctive presence and one you’ll want to watch develop.

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