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Ellie Ford returns with her new album Light. Repeated. Like previous releases (Show Night In and The Other Sun) her music continues to be built around the beautiful combination of her vocals and harp. With this new collection of songs, she has enlisted the help of the talented musicians Harry Haynes (guitar/bass/piano, vocals), Fred Hills (drums, percussion, vocals), Andrew Stuart-Buttle (violin, keys, synths, bass, vocals), and Freya Bowes (clarinet, saxophone & vocals). Together they interweave their skills to create captivating moments within a sound that blends folk-pop with jazz and classical elements.

“Gold” starts off the album and instantly shows off this musical partnership in action. As it begins, it is not long before the harp makes an appearance to set up a sound that is beautiful and tender on the ears. Then the rest of the band come in and interweave their talents to deliver a wonderful listening experience. 

Another example of how good they sound together is the title track “Light. Repeated”. The toe-tapping beat created by Hill is infectious and holds the listeners’ attention until its end. Woven within the song is many layers of instruments to create this captivating atmosphere. Special mention needs to go to Bowes as her use of the clarinet towards its finale is sublime.

To accompany her sound, Ford uses her vocals to help bring her stories to life. Her impressive range feels effortless even when it is used to pack an emotional punch. The perfect example of this talent at work is the track “A Strange Brood”. Lasting over 6 mins, this is a stunning showcase of what her voice can deliver. It is used to share a story that has a jazz undertone with the music flowing subtly in the background and has time to breathe. It is one of those songs which you press play, sit back and enjoy. 

Ford’s voice is used to perfection to show off her impressive way with words. She moulds her lyrics to paint a picture for each song. No track shows this off more than “Tired Eyes”. She sets the scene with the opening lines “Love, Oh / It’ll keep you hanging loose / Hanging where going gets you / A Harder Time than a cruel start”. The tone switches midway as a strong jazz influence comes into play. Her impressive vocal range and style shine the most as her story comes to a close with the lines “Freedom, it tears you from your own freedom / Freedom tells you to learn from the start. And hold the load in your arms / For the autumn is calling dear”.

Ellie Ford and her band have created some special as Light. Repeated. is a beautiful listen from start to finish

Light. Repeated. is a flawless and beautiful collection of songs crafted by musicians with a genuine passion for what they do. No track highlights this more than “My Bird Won’t Sing”. Her story begins with the lines “My bird won’t sing / I’ve no idea what it means / That’s ok I don’t mind / A quiet life”. As it does, her voice and the music interweave to create a captivating atmosphere. Then when the chorus arrives “Could you rock me / until I lose my edge / until I lose my edge”, the emotion within the vocals are stunning. 

This is an album that Ellie Ford should be proud of and a collection of songs that needs to be heard. Its free-flowing nature confirms what delights music can be without boundaries. Do yourself a favour, give Light. Repeated. a listen.

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