Today we introduce you to an artist in a genre that we don’t talk about too often, Rap.  I understand your trepidation, but when we come across a true artist that works his ass off and has a true talent we have to bring him to you.  Welcome to the world of EMCEE SEVEN.  As hip-hop music has moved to an over-commercialized shell of what it used to be, Seven has remained true to his roots and it is touching a chord with a fanbase that has been thirsting for it.

Seven’s latest video “Peaches & Cream” has had almost 14,000 views in only its first month since being posted.  That is relatively unheard of for an unknown independent artist.  He must be doing something right, as the YouTube comments are overwhelmingly favorable.  The song has a mellow piano based beat, (created by Dan Coda), that doesn’t punch you in the face and steal the thunder from Seven’s creative flow.  The lyrics sung in his raspy street flow are easy to relate to, even if he sometimes has a potty mouth.

Although comparisons to Eminem automatically come to mind considering he is a white man that isn’t afraid to speak his mind even when it opens up his personal life to the world, Emcee Seven has something different.  His freestyle lyrics leave you thinking of nothing else but his story.  His Solo EP Free Speech truly exemplifies this as its 7 tracks take the listener on a diverse journey of emotions.

He cut his teeth back in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Seven relocated to San Diego in search of more exposure and a warmer climate, literally and figuratively.  Now fast forward 6 years later and hear what that time in the rejuvenating San Diego sun has done to his career.  Seven is back on the scene as an emerging must hear for real Hip Hop fans.

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