EsQuille Gets You ‘Dancing on the Sun’

Now, I might be a little biased when I say this, but I personally think that most of the best dance music in the scene comes from countries outside of America. It just seems like they have a really good grasp on what’s popular in the dance scene. With that being said, EsQuille is a DJ/songwriter/producer/remixer/sound and mastering engineer (pretty large repertoire going on there) from Sweden. Although Sweden is said to be quite the laid back country, EsQuille’s latest track, “Dancing on the Sun,” is anything but.

EsQuille Crafts Catwalk-Worthy Dance Music

The beginning of the track starts off very catwalk-esque, with a steady repetition going on for the first two minutes of the track, which lasts a just a bit over 6 minutes. After those first two minutes, the vocals kick in and they are greatly on par with the rest of the track. They have a soothing sound to them, yet they also manage to get you pumped up and wanting to dance.

As the beat fades out and only the vocals remain momentarily, there’s a change in tempo that lead back to the original beat that we’d heard throughout the beginning few minutes of the song. It’s actually really good and stays up-tempo long enough to really draw you in, but settles down only momentarily multiple times throughout the track. There’s a nice rise and fall to the sound that keeps your excitement levels up over the fairly extended course of the song but doesn’t wear you out in the slightest.

The track being a little over 6 minutes makes it a really good dance club song, as it lets you really dive into the song and immerse yourself in it. You’re not left feeling as though you didn’t get enough or too much, making it quite the easy and comfortable listen overall. EsQuille really knocked it out of the park with this one, and I’m excited to hear more from this Swedish mix master.

Find more from EsQuille on SoundCloud.

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