Eugene Tyler Band change direction with “Short Ride”

Country slangin’ Eugene Tyler Band’s latest track “Short Ride” explores their sophomore record Young Randy.

Young Randy, out September 2017, brings a more stripped down intensity of the Eugene Tyler Band’s live show into a studio record. “Short Ride” shows this more acoustic centered side that the band headed towards on the record.

Centered around an acoustic guitar chunking its way through chords, it throws in that alternating bass that spices up the track. Just like your typical Johnny Cash song, that alternating pattern on guitar really drives the track without adding too much instrumentation. It also keeps a time in the song that allows the drums to lay back and keep a simple bass and snare rhythm.

With a melody following along on higher notes also on acoustic guitar, it keeps the track from being stale during instrumental breaks. This also adds a little flair over the deep vocals which surprisingly do not dominate the track. This variety keeps the track pushing along and you hear something new every time you listen to “Short Ride.”

The bands sophomore record, Young Randy, came out in September 2017. The entire album has this more stripped down sound that contrasts Eugene Tyler Band’s previous album’s sound.

Young Randy is special for the band. Exploring their new sound that is almost impossible with a duo setup. Eugene Tyler Band ended up with a collection of songs that mix up genres, feels, and instrumentation bringing something new to the market.

And you’ll have to get your hands on it physically because Young Randy is only pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

In support of the new album, the band is heading towards playing over 100 shows this year. Bringing their unique and classic songwriting and guitar interplay to new audiences around the country.

Check out Eugene Tyler Band on their fall tour:

10.5 | Vinyl Lounge | Washington, D.C.
10.6 | Steel City Coffee House | Phoenixville, PA
10.7 | Small World Coffee | Princeton, NJ
10.17 | Snugs | New Paltz, NY
10.19 | Andy’s Old Port Pub | Portland, ME
11.8 | CyberCafe West | Binghamton, NY
11.9 | The Nines | Ithaca, NY

Eugene Tyler Band has been on the road for the past two years, singing about a variety of topics- angry people, powerlifting boozehounds, sexual underachievers, and altar boys on acid.

Keep up with them on their WEBSITE.

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