F3tto – High Energy EDM For Your Saturday Night Party

It’s Saturday night dance party time!  The bottles are being set up and the guests are waking up from their disco naps now.  As with all of my parties, I never play music that everyone has heard a million times already.  So the search began for some quality high energy club music.  Luckily I came across a fellow Berklee College of Music graduate in F3tto.

Patrick Perfetto, better known in the LA club scene by his moniker F3tto has been involved in music since his early teen years as a drummer.  He played it all in high school and went on to attend Berklee College to continue his music knowledge.  This is where he fell in love with Electronic Dance Music and started creating tracks in the IDM, ambient, and dance genres under the name Effexaris.  After college he opened his No. 14 Studios and built it from the ground up to a successful recording studio featuring Pro Tools HD.  In late 2011 the studio was involved in a violent robbery and F3tto decided to relocate to Los Angeles to start over.  During this restart he realized his true dream was to create his own music and he started putting out loads of music.

Last week F3tto released his debut EP Tha King through Bank to the Dance Floor Records.  The 5 track record is a mix of house and dubstep.  F3tto wastes no time and jumps right into the middle of a high energy dance mix with the title track ‘Tha King’.  The vocal effects and real lyrics separate his music from the phonies right away.  The breakdown will melt your mind, in a good way.  The song that really grabbed my attention was ‘Rock It Loud’.  Party rock vocals right from the start and mixes of wild sounds that will force an entire dance floor to start moving in spastic ways.  The build ups are fierce and originality is key to the F3tto feel.  He just ran a successful kickstarter campaign to get his first video made as well.  Keep an eye out for that.  This album will make my party blow up tonight and I am sure to get asked many times “who the hell is this? It’s wild!!!”

Go get your own party on with F3tto at:

and go grab the album at:

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