FEATURETTE combines electronica and pop with “//BROKEN//”

The electronic genre is having a serious uprising lately. EDM concerts are all the rave (no pun intended) and it seems like there are dozens different sub-genres that all intertwine within the electronic sound, many of them getting major play.

FEATURETTE is a very ’80s sounding duo consisting of vocalist Lexie Jay and and drummer Jon Fedorsen. Both from Toronto, the duo combines pop with electronica in their latest single “//BROKEN//” from their debut album CRAVE vol. 1, released in October of last year. (I’m really noticing a theme with the capital letters, here.) This is a duo that you can tell right off the bat wants everything to be big and bold (evidenced visually by the singer’s winged eyeliner in the music video. Little bit jealous of those makeup skills over here, I’m not going to lie.)

FEATURETTE Aims Big, Sees Red

The latest FEATURETTE track comes with a music video that is just as bold as the group themselves. Starting off, you get a very 1980s-esque sound that you could definitely strut down the runway to. (Or pretend to do in your bedroom like I did.) A very soft, feminine voice begins to grace your eardrums after a short instrumental introduction, which plays very well with the synthy tempo in the background.

The very red hue of the music video — sometimes coral, sometimes neon — is constant throughout, and contrasts very well with the all-black wardrobe selection. (With the exception of the guy in the suspenders and tight white short-shorts.) Even though the color choice is very solid and simple, the video still manages to be very showy and extravagant. The mannequins lining the background and Cirque Du Soleil dance style make for a very unique and strange, yet interesting view. The minimal gold glitter accents only add to the glamour and exorbitance of it all.

The song itself is quite catchy, and Jay maintains excellent pitch throughout, even when reaching those high notes. Fedorsen manages to combine the drums with the computerized effects very nicely in the song, and they all come together very well to create an interesting and memorable piece. Although the song seems to maintain the same pace in its entirety, it doesn’t become dull. Rather, it embeds itself into your memory, making sure you remember the lyrics and the beat without making things too complex.

The music video may have been released a few months after the track, but I’d have to say it was very worth the wait. It may be a little confusing or creepy — what, exactly, are the mannequins there for? — but it is quite interesting and unique in itself.

FEATURETTE’s CRAVE vol. 1 does great justice to electro-pop. A worthy ambassador of the EP, “//BROKEN//” is something you shouldn’t be surprised to hear playing over the radio waves soon.

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