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Fern Murphy Lays it Bare in New EP Gringo Love

DreamPop trio, Fern Murphy, graces us with a new EP, Gringo Love, revitalizing and transforming their sound while continuing to awe us all. The trio hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. Though in their infancy, the band having only one revolution around the sun, Fern Murphy has a developed a sound far beyond their years.

Gringo Love is Fern Murphy’s first EP. The album has a familiar nostalgic breath of curiosity and longing, comparable to the likes of Slowdive. The album will have you entranced in a daydream with its airy synths and delayed reverbed guitars.

“Flowerbeds”, the second song featured on the EP, is a juxtaposition of raw, emotional lyrics and a light, synth-forward head-bopping tune. In this song Fern Murphy are romanticizing the idea of getting lost and creating yourself anew. Lead singer, Gabe Adams, serenades us with “Runaway, go and forget ourselves” and “Hideaway, just like the good old days”. These lyrics run deep through the core of the song exposing a sense vulnerability and the shared human urge to escape ourselves.

Delving Deeper into Fern Murphy’s “Gringo Love”

Fern Murphy’s title track is “Gringo Love”. I delved into the meaning of the song and its coming about with drummer Tommy Behan. When asked what the song meant to him and how the band found their sound, Behan responded. “We were sitting in our fav venue during the summer, waiting for the bands to change and “Don’t Know Why” by Slowdive was being played by the venue as background music while they changed. We heard it and looked at each other, and immediately googled the song and the rest is history. It was a sound that was like, so distant and beautiful, I think we decided we wanted to start making music that gave people the FEELS instead of dancing. Although sometimes we try to do both. We wanted to give people the feeling that we felt when we heard that.”

The EP was released on July 22nd, beginning an exciting time for the band. Fern Murphy is breaking through musical barriers by entering the festival scene. You can catch them at Bellwether Music Festival August 9-10. For more Fern Murphy, you can check them out here:

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