FJØRA Drops Synth Perfection EP Watercolor

Synth-filled dream pop is so in right now and we’re totally here for it. With the release of her debut EP, Watercolor, FJØRA is bringing a new feeling into the soundscape that is pop music. Combining elements from everything charting top 40 right now, FJØRA takes Watercolor to a new level with instrumentation, beats, and lyrics.

The Canadian-born pop artists set out to create an EP as unique as herself. Being her first release, FJØRA wanted Watercolor to be reflective of her as a person at this very moment. Describing herself as quirky and dramatic, you can hear that through the entire EP. On the more experimental side,FJØRA uses her personalty to make pop music as refreshing as her personality.

“It’s a little weird, a little quirky, dramatic, fun – a bit experimental and an exploration of the kinds of music I love and never thought I could be taken seriously for before.” – FJØRA

The EP opens with one of FJØRA’s previous singles, “Wild Animals.” Produced by Bryan Todd (who has previously worked with Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks), he perfects the synth pop sound that is dominating music currently. “Wild Animals” is a perfect track to add to your next party playlist. It’s fresh, fun and full of energy.

“Zodiac” was another of FJØRA’s previous singles, but it still deserves attention. With an edgier sound to her voice, it reminds me of Sabrina Carpenter (who’s also making waves currently) and draws you into every word. The slower beat emphasizes everything else happening over the track. The driving synth bass line to the engulfing chords, FJØRA works the entire track on “Zodiac.”

If there’s one track you have time to check out, make it “Shallow.” It’s an absolute jam. Probably the perfect hype-up track for you and all your friends. From car rides to late night study sessions, it’s prefect for any playlist and any mood. The flow of FJØRA’s vocals on it with the the beat makes it one of the best tracks on Watercolor.


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