Get Ready For Fusion Shows’ 10th Birthday This Weekend

No matter how you end up in Michigan this weekend, you’re going to have to check out Fusion Shows’ 10th Birthday extravaganza on Saturday, Jan. 13. The night will be packed full artists from the midwest crowded into The Crofoot’s several stages.

The killer lineup includes headliners Twin Peaks and PUP who, if you don’t already know, are growing to be huge in the indie and punk scenes. If you don’t know about them now, you totally need to get ahead of your friends.

Fusion Shows also made sure to stay true to their roots by booking several great local bands. Narco Debut, Michigander, Mover Shaker, Shortly, Greet Death, Stefanie Haapala, Vagabonds, Vital Sea, and All Is Well will be making the trek from around the state to Pontiac to perform.

$2.00 from every ticket sold will be donated to Ruth Ellis Center, a Detroit-based shelter for LGBTQ youth. You can purchase tickets now for $23 before it’s too late. Tickets can also be purchased at the doors for $25.

Doors for the Crofoot open at 5:30pm. Tentative set times are as listed (and subject to change):

1010-1100 Twin Peaks
905-950 Pup
815-845 The Flatliners
730-800 Ratboys
645-715 Narco Debut

930-1015 Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
845-915 Mover Shaker
800-830 Kississippi
715-745 Greet Death
630-700 All Is Well

940-1010 Michigander
845-915 Shortly
800-830 Stefanie Haapala
715-745 Vital Sea
630-700 Vagabonds

Fusion Shows is an independent concert promotion company (aka what Indie Band Guru loves to see) based out of Lansing, Michigan. They work to book, market, and produce live concert events throughout the state thriving with local and regional talent mixed together with the hottest touring talent.

Founded in 2008 by Nate Dorough and Irving Ronk, Fusion Shows is proud to produce their own birthday show for the music lovers throughout Michigan.

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