Ganja White Night Infuse Dubstep and Psytrance on their Release ‘The Origins’

Ganja White Night brings the subs to life with their release, ‘The Origins.’


You got a volume knob on that sub? Cause you’re about to turn it up. Ganja White Night presents: The Origins.


From the start, The Origins opens with the title track, awash with organic and ethnic sounds. It builds up a sound that leaves one in utter anticipation for the drop. And drop it does. This entire album takes the concepts of dubstep, trance, ambience and several styles of EDM and smashes them into a multi-rhythmic oscillating synth mayhem. Bassheads, dubheads and electroheads, gather round and listen to the story that is The Origins by Ganja White Night. Oh, bonus — the legendary Caspa and Zed’s Dead are also featured.


With 12 tracks of various styles and sonic bliss, one can easily grab a good set of cans, pop on this album, and lose oneself. The production is fantastic, as one would expect coming from “The Wobble Brothers” Benjamin “Bamby” Bayeul and Charlie “Erwan” Dodson. Track 2 features well known artist Caspa, and it lays down the beat, and it lays it down hard. Seriously, it is the kind of track you want to turn up and drive around late at night, looking for adventure.


Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics! You want it? The Origins has it.


Before I go on and on about the music, I must mention the album’s artistic direction and style. Ganja White Night released a fantastic opening animated teaser for the album using the music of the title track. All throughout this album, there are references to these characters, perhaps personas, they have seemingly developed. All of these characters seem to exhibit the spirit of warriors.

A lot of the beauty of this album comes from the artwork associated with it. There is a wealth of artwork associated with this release that you can find online. It all follows a bold palette with bright colors depicting various skilled Samurai, conditioned Centurions, Native-American shamans, and other forms raw, visceral warrior types. Really, hat’s off to the artists, fantastic job. This is the type of art I want to hang up everywhere. It’s just so…. well, frankly cool looking.


Saving one of the best tracks for last to review, the magnificent and legendary Zed’s Dead collab on a very unique and mellow sounding track, considering the artists. Surprisingly, the collaboration track titled “Samurai” starts off with a much more gentle tone, with a bright and light piano building into a very goa-inspired rhythm, perfect to relax and lose oneself too. It then drops into an aggressive yet subdued shifting dubstep bass line which pushes the track from mellow into driving, while still maintaining the calmer atmosphere of the track. If you enjoy meditative, atmospheric electronica, liquid rhythms and shuffled, alternating beats, “Samurai” has this and more.

And, again, more fantastic visual aesthetic to go along with the music.

You can find Ganja White Night on Soundcloud, on Bandcamp, on Twitter, on Songkick. Check out their tour dates below and see if your city is listed. With a lineup like that, the show is sure to be amazing.

Amphlux is an EDM artist and content reviewer from Kansas City, MO. His favorite flavor of Frito is Chili-Cheese.

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Hello, I would like to purchase a high resolution version of the origins logo. It will be used for personal use NOT for resale. Thank you and wobble on!

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