Genesis Be – Phenomenal Female Rapper About To Break Out

Sometimes the journey to become a true artist is filled with obstacles.  The successful musician is the one who turns these hardships into inspiration.  Excuses do not exist in this person’s mind.  There is one true goal that will be achieved no matter what gets in the way.  One great example of this is our latest discovery, Genesis Be.

The hip hop performer has her hands in all aspects of the music business.  Genesis Be lists her vocations as NYU College Radio DJ, Political Science major, founder of an entertainment company, recording artist, and social activist.  There is no doubt she is one of the hardest working women in the underground music scene right now.  Raised in Mississippi, her family was a large part of the fight for civil rights in the south.  Genesis was involved in activism and protests since the age of 6.   This certainly had an influence in her next passion.  She began writing rap lyrics at 13 and discovered a knack for rhyme schemes and articulation.  Her supportive parents saw the potential and brought her to the recording studio.  This is where it all took off and she has been prolific in her musical output ever since.

 The talented professional has just finished her 5th studio album titled Jenesequa, which is scheduled for release this summer.  We were able to get a listen to a few of the songs and can see the potential for a breakout.  The first single ‘Don’t Touch’ has picked up major steam already getting over 23K views within 2 weeks of being posted.  The track begins with a strong dance feel before Genesis takes over and shows off her lyrical skill.  The background beat is mesmerizing and will remain in the listeners head way after the song has ended.  Get a sneak listen here:

Big things are about to happen for Genesis Be as she seeks management and is shopping the album to labels.  Go get yourself on the bandwagon and remember who introduced you to her first.

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