Get On Board With “So Good,” By US Navy’s Emay Holmes 

U.S. Navy Airman, Houston native, poet, and singer-songwriter. Emay Holmes is all that and more. “So Good” is his newest single. The acoustic soul record comes with an equally sincere background story.

Emay Holmes lets his audience get to know him better through his new bluesy single “So Good.”
Holmes faces struggles with life in the military. “So Good” is about a love in another life that makes him stop and smell the roses, as he sings in the track. In an alternate way, Holmes is expressing the hardships of trying to have relationships although he is often traveling. The single is seemingly a chill, feel-good song about the joys of love and life, but soulful undertones are present as well. Holmes looks beyond the restrictions of being a Navy man and creates the perfect song to relax to and enjoy living in the moment.
Holmes showcases beautiful, baritone vocals and lyrics paired with a serene beat and melody. The upbeat, positive vibes allude to warm, relaxing, and happy days. Along with lyrics about being on mountain tops and smelling roses, Holmes repeats “I feel so good,” throughout the track, eventually followed by happy, nonchalant humming.
“So Good” is just one of the unique pieces on Holmes’ debut album, Deep Down. He wrote and completed the album both on the Navy ship and while on leave in his hometown of Houston, TX. Holmes had always been a fan of the poetry side of rap, both writing it and reciting it. Holmes’ creative mind spun his knack for writing into a poetic approach to lyrics, thus creating his meaningful tunes.

Holmes’ talent doesn’t stop there.

When he isn’t launching F-18 fighter jets from the flight deck of USS Nimitz, Holmes is creating fervent beats and melodies on his acoustic guitar on the boat. Being on a ship all the time has never stopped Holmes from pursuing what he loves. He’s formed an inspiring album with his deeply smooth lyrics and distinctive acoustic picking style.

There is definitely more to Holmes than meets the eye. From Navy man, to creating poetic blues slow jams, Holmes takes his audience on a nice ride. He’s seen enough of life to be able to express the harsh realities of it through his music. As a listener, we have a lot to learn about life through the lyrics of Emay Holmes.

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