See The “Ghosts” In Will Dee’s Closet

Will Dee has wasted no time chasing his dreams. Busking since the age of 16, his passion for chasing music and inspiration hasn’t stopped yet. Since his youth Will has released two solo acoustic albums and three albums with the electronica/hip-hop act Newton Colours. More recent history has Will back on his own path, creating solo music that combines the worlds of his past. Will Dee has cornered his own unique market in the music world, combining folk and hip-hop to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Since switching back into the solo-realm, Will has released two full-length albums. September 2019 saw the release of New Beats and Pinties!! and Will continued to write, create, and perfect his art. May 15th, 2020 now sees the release of Ghosts on Tentacule Records, showing the audience and even more elevated Will Dee.

Ghosts opens with “Outside,” the first single off of the album. The song was written in the light of Will and his family being in quarantine while sick with Coronavirus. Reflective and slightly melancholy, you can feel every step of “Outside.” And once you learn about the background it only helps further illuminate the bigger picture.

Most of the album follows a very chill and easily entrancing hip-hop vibe. Several amazing women are highlighted throughout Ghost as well, such as Charlie Dales on “The Alligator” and “2nd Thoughts” and Elizabeth Sophie on “Ghosts In The Song.” Subsequently, those are some of my favorite tracks on the entire album. The powerful yet tender female vocals provide an excellent contrast to Will’s more gruff and deep voice.

Two tracks stand out on the album from the rest, fitting more into the folk/alternative category; “Cuntsville” and “Tower.” Will tied these songs in through some hip-hop production styles and made for an interesting and dynamic change of pace throughout the album.

It’s clear that Will spent the time to think Ghosts out to make it a cohesive experience. Fans of hip-hop, specially hip-hop coming out of the UK are going to be sure to want to see what Will Dee is about. If Will continues to tap into his hip-hop roots, there will be much more from him past Ghosts.

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