“Good Love 2.0” (Joe Goddard Remix) Is A Vibe

The “Good Love 2.0” Joe Goddard remix is fast-paced, bumping, and an absolute vibe. It’s an electro-pop track that feels like an instant mood booster. The remix puts Priya Ragu’s original pop and R&B vocals over synth-heavy instrumentals to make a house-party-worthy track.

Ragu’s original version combines her talents in rap and R&B with traditional South Asian instrumentals. It creates an innovative, genre-bending track that makes clear Ragu’s talent as an emerging artist. The remix tries to hold on to these unique elements while building new sounds around the track’s vocals.

Ragu, a Tamil-Swiss musician, quit her job and moved from Switzerland to America in order to start her music career. There, she created a number of new tracks in collaboration with her brother, Japhna Gold. Since then Ragu, who is now based in Zurich, has seen plenty of attention for her work. Upon its release, “Good Love 2.0” garnered praise from outlets like The New York Times, Refinery29, and Rolling Stone India.

With that response, it’s no surprise Joe Goddard made a remix for the track. Goddard, who was part of the Grammy-nominated English synth-pop group Hot Chip, is known for his electric tracks. Along with Ragu, he’s worked with artists like Dua Lipa and Robyn.  

It’s impossible not to smile or dance while listening to such a fun and explosive track. While this remix might not play at clubs or house parties right now, it’s the perfect song to elevate any listener’s day.

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