Gozer Goodspeed tells us about ‘Escape Hatch Fever’

It’s hard to believe it has been a few years since Gozer Goodspeed released his outstanding albums Rebuilt and Remade and Ghosts of the Future & Past. In his defence, the world has been a bit crazy since they were released. However, he did treat us to a new track last year, “Full Tilt Revival” offering something a little different with its soundtrack. However, it continued to showcase his superb lyrical and storytelling qualities and was a taster of what to expect from his upcoming album Escape Hatch Fever

Now to the present, Goodspeed is ready to give the world some more new music. He has chosen the title track of his upcoming album “Escape Hatch Fever”. He describes it as “a tale of being overworked and undervalued, looking everywhere for that elusive ‘exit door’ and a bit of revelry. Themes that will no doubt resonate strongly with a public currently suffering through the vagaries of another bleak January”. Let’s hear what it has to offer.

“Escape Hatch Fever” opens up with a long guitar intro that moves along casually. It flows without any urgency and subtly draws the listeners’ attention. It does not take long for Goodspeed to deliver his lyrics. He starts with, “Another strange day / Feeding the machine / You feel so tired and wired”. A feeling similar to being stuck on a hamster’s wheel. The way he shares these words and those that follow matches the easy-going tempo of its soundtrack. 

Gozer Goodspeed returns with ‘Escape Hatch Fever’, another taster of his upcoming album of the same name.

As the song continues, his guitar stands out as much as the vocals. It sings along with Gozer to enrich the mood. Even more when the chorus arrives, combining to create a rebellious nature to match its hook, “You got escape hatch fever / You need a way out fast / You got one eye on the exit door / You got escape hatch fever / You won’t repeat the past / You’re ready to try some / Risk and reward”. He tells the listener to break the cycle and take that chance to make that change. 

It is yet another release that showcases the storytelling qualities of Goodspeed. It might not be as in-depth as some of his other songs, but its message speaks to us all. If that wasn’t enough, he lets his guitar talents shine even more as it steals the spotlight with a captivating solo display. A moment that personally sounds even better on the acoustic version of “Escape Hatch Fever”. It all comes together to create another must-hear track by Goodspeed. 

As a bonus, he has included the unreleased B-side “Only Little Victories”. This acoustic demo has more of an indie-rock vibe. Again, his way with words stands out. But this one is all about its infectious hook. The way he shares the lines, “Cos I live now / Like way back when / Only little victories scored / Now and again / And the losses / We don’t ever talk about them”, makes you want to sing along. 

“Escape Hatch Fever” gives you three stunning songs to whet your appetite for his upcoming album. It promises to be another collection of captivating stories with a rich soundtrack. It’s safe to say it will feature more stunning moments from his guitar. Expect it to be another unmissable release by Gozer Goodspeed. 

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