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5 Ways To Grow Your Soundcloud Plays

On SoundCloud, there are many ways in which curators, labels, and artists can generate streams for the tracks that they put up. Some of these include getting reposted, getting added to playlists, and even uploaded to a different account that has its own huge following. 

However, SoundCloud has stated that there are some other ways of boosting and buying SoundCloud plays while fully enjoying the benefits of their algorithms.

1) The SoundCloud Metadata Needs To Be Pristine:

Your track is not something that should have confusing messages that no one can read. On the other hand, what it should have is relevant pieces of information, like the name of the artist and track, and the specific label. SoundCloud even has a blog post offering some good examples of titles, both good and bad. “UsTogether4Ever021619v3.0” isn’t a good title, but “Us Together Forever” is much better. SoundCloud also states that you shouldn’t display information that’s somewhere else, since it would just be duplicate. Don’t add track numbers to titles if you upload your album, since label accounts ought to already offer the name of the artist and the track title so that listeners recognize both. Also, such information is great for boosting your discoverability across the platform. Journalists and podcasters should include essential information like their discussion topics or guest names in their title. This again helps with listeners searching who might discover you.

2) Descriptions And Images Work Wonders On SoundCloud:

Your description and cover art shouldn’t sink too far down your priority list. Use only high-resolution images that are resized to fit inside the confines. Also, descriptions are a blank canvas where you can get creative in how you describe your content. Share the story of the audio you are uploading. This is where you can put things like credits, gear and guest lists, lyrics, and credits. It’s also a great spot to give shoutouts to collaborators, since you can link to their profiles. Be consistently professional in your writing.

3) Tag Your Audio’s Genre And Mood:

Any piece of audio is going to have a mood to it. Let that show show through your tags. Keep in mind that SoundCloud’s algorithm is quite specific in how in prioritizes the suggestions it makes for users. When you use the right tags, your discoverability is going to be much higher. Adding a small selection of relevant tags is far better than stuffing as many as you think of, so first choose your track’s main genre before adding some closely related sub-genres which suit your track. Learning how to buy soundcloud followers can help get the ball rolling too.

4) Create A Comprehensive Discography:

Just like with a website, your top priority should be making your content easy to find. Are you putting out a compilation, EP, or album? Make a playlist for that, since it will show up in the “Albums” category of your profile. It’s easy for fans, since SoundCloud orders them based on their release dates. Also, listeners can add these to their own collections.

5) Learn How To Edit More Than One Track At The Same Time:

Updates can definitely eat up a lot of your time, although SoundCloud has a few ways you can expedite the process. That includes the capability of updating artwork, tags, and settings for multiple tracks at once. You can even create fresh playlists from a chosen list of uploads. 

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