Heather Kenney Beautifully Enchants with “Enough”

As part of her upcoming song EP Waltz, Heather Kenney’s “Enough” is a beautiful testimony to Kenney’s musical journey so far. The song is almost perfect for a slow, steady dance with a significant other, resembling that of the EP’s main title.

Although the single contains a soft sound, it holds a powerful gift of comfort. The voice of Heather Kenney is almost familiar and soothes the soul; one is transported from reality into a safe dreamland.

“Enough” takes you away from the world with Heather Kenney

Kenney’s voice has the beautiful ability to instill vulnerability and tenderness within listeners, fulfilling the common need to be understood by someone out there in the world. The song’s acoustics sway with the rhythms of heartbeats and connects within its depths as well.

Heather Kenney sings,”My restless mind / Too bold to be confined / Always wondering what you will think / And how the song should go.” The hopeless romantic type of listener relates all too well to such overthinking, and one can’t help but feel as if their own words are being spoken for them. Even though the song exists within a distant dreamworld, Kenney finds herself trapped within a reality of questions and insecurities.

This transition from dreamland to real life is documented in the words, “Just like waking up and the rest was a dream filled with shadows and doubts / When your hand’s clean from digging so much / Maybe then it will be enough.” The idea of “waking up” comes with sadness and tragedy when Kenney realizes that she cannot attain the love that she has been pursuing for so long.

Her voice almost whispers at the end when she sings, “Maybe then it will be enough.” Her gentle tone correlates with the sadness in a romantic estrangement. Although the artist sings about reaching this point of “being enough,” there lacks any moment of final satisfaction. Just like the song sounds hauntingly hopeful, the narrative reaches a dead end at a point of hopeless doubt and wondering.

“Enough” should be listened to late at night when you’re alone in bed with your raw thoughts and emotions. Kenney’s wandering is tragic, but it is also healthy to have within a world of endless discoveries to be made.

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