Hockey Dad Celebrate Youth and Friendship On New Album

Australia: land of dangerous animals and surf-rock duo Hockey Dad (among other things).

I don’t know much about Australia or surfing, but I do know that Hockey Dad recently released their new album, Boronia. Focusing on fun and friendship, Boronia seems to capture the spirit of youth. It’s obvious that the album is focused around friendship shared by the members. This is great to see in a band, as oftentimes the music industry makes bandmates into business partners. Composed of guitarist/vocalist Zach Stephenson and drummer Billy Fleming, the music speaks to their interests and lives.

Hockey Dad Is in It for the Fun or the Loneliness

“I don’t wanna go home / I’m having too much fun,” sings Stephenson in “Jump the Gun.”

This line gives the listener everything they need to know. Whatever the band is doing, they’ll be having fun doing it. It seems like a life philosophy, as seen by the majority of songs on this album. Honestly, I think that a lot of the album can be lyrically attributed to songs about partying, growing up, and surfing. And why not? If you’re not doing what you love, then why not be able to spend time playing music about what you love? As a musician, I would be lying if I said I wish that I didn’t have that skill.

Though many of the songs are about having fun, that doesn’t mean that Hockey Dad doesn’t get personal. “A Night Out With” is a Scott Pilgrim-sounding ode to relationship turmoil or the need to feel alright. “I Need a Woman” is about needing someone and treating them right. Perhaps my favorite song on the album is “Laura”: Stephenson sings about the perfect girl, but not being able to make it work. Rather than give up, Stephenson keeps trying night after night. It screams adolescent love.

Hockey Dad do a lot of things right with this record. They have fun, but they also know how to lay down the emotion. It’s a fantastic blend of surf-rock and indie rock heartache. If you’re looking for a summer soundtrack, something to help you talk to that young love, or a way to cope with breakup, then go check out Boronia.

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