How the internet has transformed the music industry and others

We used to queue round the block for tickets to the hottest gigs in town for the chance to see our favorite musicians and bands live. If we didn’t get to the gig, then we couldn’t see how they performed.

The latest CD release would be eagerly anticipated, at times you could search through record shops desperately trying to find rare or fast-selling popular albums. 

So much work went into researching new singers and bands to expand our knowledge, while bands themselves would tour extensively and go on all sorts of TV and Radio shows to publicize their latest releases and stay popular.

This has all changed since the emergence of the internet. No longer did you need to rely on recommendations from friends and wonder if the album of a new band was worth spending the money on as you’d only heard two tracks. 

Change Of The Music Industry

Now, both musicians and fans have such a closer connection compared to what they had previously. 

Fans can access and listen to an almost endless selection of music across sites and apps like YouTube and Spotify. Recommendations are made to help you discover new artists, while also minimizing the space needed for those CD or record collections

You also don’t necessarily need a CD player or Hi-Fi limiting you to listening in one room of your house. You can play on your smartphone, portable speakers connected via Bluetooth. Music has been made so much more accessible to you whenever and wherever.

The music industry has been able to develop and adapt to new trends in how their customers want to engage and consume their content.

It has worked for other industries too. The emergence and improvements of the internet have given everyone the chance to access online casinos at their fingertips. With access to casino games on your smartphone as well as computer, the opportunities to play are vast.

Playing the impressive Bison Fury slot as well as many other casino games like Poker, Roulette and Blackjack has become immediately available to customers at any time of day. 

The instant access, speed of connection and varied options makes online casinos so popular. Sometimes the need to go to a bricks and mortar casino puts people off but now, this option gives people much better access.

Video Games

The video game industry has been able to develop immensely from what it was in the early days. As the technology improved and online options become available meant the industry was able to explode.

New games have been able to be developed for different platforms. Online games have been created for quick play, moving classic games like battleship and pool being free to download and play at any time. 

Console games have been developed further, the action role-playing games, sports games are so much more in depth and the graphics make them feel lifelike. They are now taken online, and you can play against people from all over the world. 

The eSports world has become immensely popular with tournaments played for huge prizes in games like Minecraft and FIFA. Millions of viewers pay up and tune in online to watch people play in these tournaments,

It is even popular now to watch people streaming their games online and communities of people who enjoy specific games can interact and even bet on the eSports tournaments.


When setting up before the internet, a lot of work needed to go into the marketing and advertising of your business in the area.

There is now the chance to reach out to a much wider audience in different ways, through social media as well as advertising on local platforms or even national avenues depending on the size of the business.

Restaurants can even work better with delivery company’s which give people access to their menu and delivery for a small fee with the restaurant only needing to partner with the delivery company. 

Fitness Equipment Industry

The gym can be an intimidating place when you are trying to get in shape. The industry has sold huge amounts of equipment for home use with many people being more concerned about their health and fitness.

Fitness classes can be accessed online with live personal trainers as well as classes uploaded onto sites like YouTube. This has been really important with people having busy lives and even if they wanted to, getting to the gym can be hard.

This has helped the industry excel, with yoga mats being one of the highest increasing sales for any type of exercise equipment.


All industries have looked to embrace the internet and technological advances to help improve their revenues. The internet has given industries the chance to develop and reach more customers with ease.

By investing in improving their online presence, they can become more profitable than they would have been able to previously. Social media has become a huge part of all our lives, while advertising has become more targeted and with a bigger reach.

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